Monday, April 4, 2011

We love company

Time has been flying by and a quarter of the year has gone by already. I wanted to do a big picture update with some of the pictures I have taken over the past few months, but the Internet connection I have been using lately is too slow to support all the uploading it will involve. With two kids added into the mix, there is no way I can sit at the computer for hours on end so the update will have to wait.

Over the weekend, we had company which to Summer's delight included two extra kids. They are quite a bit older than Summer and Lexie, but they had a good time playing with them nonetheless. One of the highlights of the weekend was hot tub time. The kids spent hours it playing and splashing and laughing and having fun. They played croquet in the front yard. Summer didn't get in on any of their basketball games, but she did try, unsuccessfully, to get a game of 4 square going. The boys talked Clint into getting a few bags of potatoes for them to shoot in the tater gun last night. Summer and Lexie had no interest in joining in on that activity.

Yesterday, we went on a picnic and hiked through the woods enjoying the beauty of nature. Summer told me she needed a walking stick, so I found one for her. She peeled all the bark off of it and was proud of her now smooth stick. I gave up on the hike before the kids did due to a major allergy attack, but they didn't complain when we turned back and headed home. Summer was thirsty for something cold and the water bottle I brought with us on the hike was not cold enough for her when we got in the car. So, of course, I grabbed her something refreshing when we stopped by the gas station - grape juice. She happily drank some of it and even took a few more big drinks before I tucked her into bed for her nap. And, even though they weren't tired, she and Lexie quickly fell asleep. They woke up happy and ready to play in the hot tub again. Thank God for naps! Summer doesn't take a nap everyday, but if we have a big evening planned or she's a little whiny, she goes down when I put Lexie down for hers. There is no compromising on her naps. They are a must unless you want to listen to whining for the last few hours before bed time. I do not.

We've got company again tonight - Summer's cousins. She is super excited to see them. No telling what kind of fun things we will get into tonight after Summer has her swimming lesson. One thing is for sure though, we will all definitely need a nap today. Is it time yet?

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