Monday, March 21, 2011

Acceptance Letters

Over the weekend, we got letters telling us that Summer got accepted into both The Bright School and St. Peter's Episcopal School. Needless to say, I'm happy and proud. Clint and I had both already decided pretty much on St. Peter's, but I asked Summer which school she wanted to go to anyway. She said the second one she visited, so we are all in agreement on where she will be attending school next year. Now we just have to send in a deposit, and we will be sitting pretty. We are not exactly sure why she likes this school better. Just in case it was the playground, I told her that they playground she enjoyed on visiting day wasn't the playground she would normally be playing on when in school. It is mostly for the preschoolers, but the teachers said they do occasionally visit it since the kids like it so much. The older kids have another playground that neither one of us has yet to see. I think we might do a drive by sometime this week and check it out. She still did not seem detered from her desire to go to school so that's good news too.

We attended a Vice family dinner yesterday. She really enjoyed seeing her cousins, as I did mine. Together, they checked out the loft in the new pavilion my uncle built. They played with Trixie, taking turns walking her on her leash through the woods. It was more like her running them, but whatever. After they left, she and I played a bean bag toss game. Then she headed to my grandad's newly plowed pasture to look for arrowheads with Memaw and Nanny. Her daddy and I caught up with them as they walked through they pasture searching. Summer had her pockets filled with flint as we walked back to the car. To her delight, it wasn't through the "bumpy" pasture where she started the hunt for remnants left from when Indians lived on the land. She was very thirsty when we got back to the car and told her Memaw she wished she had a bottle of water to drink, claiming she would drink it all and not share it if she had it. Unfortunately, the water leftover from breakfast was hot, as was the bottle of Propel we found. I did have some tea left over from lunch which was cool, but not as cold as she wanted it to be. She did, however, drink it and then asked why we didn't have an ice cold drink in the car. Yep, I guess she is just a little bit high maintenance. I think she gets that from her daddy. Or, maybe it is because I have always pretty much waited on her hand and foot. Usually when she wants something to drink, she asks for "ice cold water." I've been told Nanny makes the coldest water around. I think it's because she shakes it up before she gives it to her. She rarely complains if it is not actually ice cold, but that is the way she asks for it. At bed time, she likes to have a drink of water before she goes to sleep. I usually forget to bring it up with us so one, or both, of us has to trek back to the kitchen for it. She almost always asks for it though so you'd think I would just make it a habit and carry it up with me.

Her favorite bedtime story right now is "The Chicken of the Family." We have read it the past 3 nights, and one night, when I wasn't too tired, twice. When I picked out the book the first night, she was not excited to hear it. But, she quickly found out that it was a book she liked. One of the other books we read at night right now are "Lull-a-bye, Little One." Both she and Lexie enjoy that one. Also, "Baribie: On Her Toes" is one they both pick. It is a step into reading level 1 book and Summer can mostly read it. Some of it is memorization I'm sure, but she definitely is learning to recognize/read some words. That is so exciting to me because I loved to read as a child and still have a lot of the books I grew up reading. I wonder if she will love it too.

The past few days, she has rediscovered her Leapster. I got her a new game, "Animal Genius," at a consignment sale a few weeks ago. I found it over the weekend and gave it to her to play. She enjoyed it and even got her daddy to play with her for a while. I'm glad she enjoys playing the games on it, but I'm also glad that she is not so addicted to it that she won't put it down. The games are educational which is great for her, but so is playing outdoors which she also loves.

Today, we've got a playdate lined up at Pump It Up with Liliana and Laila. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces and also catch up with my friend Alicia. I feel so fortunate that a lot of my friends had kids when I did. It works out really good at keeping us from losing touch with one another for too long. Plus, the kids always have a good time together. And, that's what I call a win-win!

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Susie said...

Glad to see you got accepted in the school you all liked. I had no doubt seeing how smart she is.