Monday, February 28, 2011

Nicknames and silly songs

Summer has gone through lots of nicknames over the years. I think the one I use most right now is Noodle. A few days ago, I decided Lexie should be Toodle since she is two. When I told Summer, she thought she should be Fourdle instead of Noodle. I convinced her that it wasn't even close to being a word and she has been my Noodle for a long time, probably since she was 2, so I'm going to stick with it for now. We don't use Mogo Noodle much anymore. When she was going through her cancer treatments, she came up with that one. There is this song I sing that goes "Oh toodle my noodle, oh toodle my noodle..." I guess you really have to be there to hear it, but I think it goes perfectly with the two nicknames I sometimes call the girls now. I've been singing it for quite a while and it has a real catchy tune. LOL The girls love it when I make up silly songs and sing them to them. Sometimes when I bathe them, I sing a song about the different parts as I wash them. Their faces are always all smiles when I do it that way.

It looks like Lexie is all better now. She started eating again yesterday and has not been laying around so much. She and Summer are playing right now which makes my heart happy. It is usually Summer telling Lexie what to do, but in time maybe Lexie will have a little say in the way they play. I'm just happy that they have each other to play with. I do love playing games and Barbies with them, but as a mom I've got a lot to do around the house so I can't play all day long like they sometimes want. So far Summer and I have had no sickness, and if we can just get through tomorrow with it that way, I will be cool if we do end up getting it. Tomorrow she visits the Bright School for two hours. She hasn't invented any illnesses or reasons not to go yet, but I do remember the preschool days and how they usually came up before bedtime or when she got up so to quote Justin Bieber, "Never say never."

This morning Summer helped me make some banana bread for our church dinner tonight. She loves mixing the ingredients and even cracked the eggs for me. She's still not a pro at it, but the 2nd egg was done almost perfectly. Her pinkie got shut in the cabinet door when I was getting out the shortening. She did not cry or anything, but it did get a cut on it which she claimed was bleeding. So we got her a waterproof Hannah Montana bandaid to protect it. She showed it to Trixie and told her not to bite it because it hurts.

I really wish that dog could understand what we say because then she would know that under Summer's bed is not an acceptable place to pee or poop. Last night, when I was putting Summer to bed, I thought I smelled poop. So, I looked under her bed and to my surprise, there were several pee and poop spots. Needless to say, that delayed bedtime a little because I just had to pull the bed out and scrub the floor. This morning I covered the floor under her bed with pillows, games and her big shoe storage thing so that there is no where for Trixie to potty on the carpet. I'm really not wanting to look under my own bed, but I probably should. The crazy thing is we mostly keep her out of the bedrooms because I want to get her potty trained so this very thing won't happen all over my carpet. We seem to take two steps forward, and one step back. We all love the dog so it will be worth it when she is finally fully trained. Summer definitely enjoys being her mommy and is happy that Santa knew the perfect thing to put in her stocking.

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