Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back in town

The vacation is over, but our lives are still going non-stop. Before we left Las Vegas, Summer decided that we need to move long as her cousins Leah and Jonathan do too. It's not going to happen, but I was so happy to see her enjoy her other cousins so much she was ready to move so she can play with them everyday. She enjoyed their dogs and cats, especially Midnight. Below she and Wyatt are giving the cat some love.
A vacation wouldn't be a vacation without potion making. They tried to get Clint and Monica to taste it. One did, one didn't.
I got roped into taking the kids to Build A Bear. Luckily, they had a deal for one animal, one outfit and shoes for $29.99. Of course, the girls just had to have an extra accessory each. It was fun for them all though so worth the money I spent. They tried on clothes to find just the right outfit and then washed and brushed their new animals. Then they made the birth certificates. Summer named her leopard "Leopard Leopard." Catherine named her coyote "Steven," and Mia named her bear "Mandy." Later that evening, they were all curled up watching a movie with them which made me smile. Summer learned some new things from her Nona. One was to say, "Can I please be excused?" before she gets up from the table. The other was to go straight to wash her hands and face after eating. Hopefully, she will continue to practice these behaviors, but I know a lot of that has to do with me following up with the rules. I have been working with her to get her to use her manners like she was before cancer, especially the "yes ma'am," "no ma'am," "yes sir," and "no sir." Also, please and thank you too. I don't think we thanked Nona enough for all the treats she gave us, but we really did appreciate and enjoy all the things she did for us. Especially, the food treats - ice cream included.
When we got back, we just had to get Lexie so we could get our fix. I think I was having withdrawal more than Summer, but she was happy to see her too. The girls had a great time together on the playground, especially swinging.

We followed that with a refreshing trip to one of the water areas we have downtown. Lexie followed Summer around and did everything she did. I also want to add that Lexie has a shoe fetish. She has always loved putting on Summer's shoes, or any shoes for that matter. Her new favorites are Summer's high heels. Several times, she clanged through the house in them. And, I must say, she can walk in them very well. If she didn't have steps at home, I'd send a pair home with her.
Yesterday, we had our library reading program party. The girls both had fun doing some of the fun activities they had for them to do. They both chose grape Popsicles. Well, I chose Lexie's, but she loved it and was very sad when I took the last dripping bit from her. She was easily distracted though once I threw it away and gave her her sippy. They both wanted to play in the inflatable slide and jump thing before we left so we waited in the long, slow moving line. Some of us more patiently than others. We left with new books and lots of coupons for restaurants and tourist activities. The summer reading program paid off in more ways than one. The girls both love to be read to so it was a win, win, win.


Christina said...

That's awesome they were in a summer reading program! They both look so adorable in the pictures!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You have been busy!! Summer's hair is growing so quickly and she looks GREAT.