Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scan day

Today is a scan day so we are hanging out in the clinic waiting to be deaccessed. Summer was very upset when she came out of anesthesia. She didn't sleep long after the MRI which was a bad thing because she was super ill and crying. Her throat and head were bothering her. Plus her mouth was "sticky" and the apple juice they gave her did not help any. They ended up giving her a small amount of morphine for her head because they couldn't get the ibuprofen quick enough. It seems to have done the trick. She was unable to eat this morning which was not fun either, but she is munching on chips and peanut butter crackers as she watches Barney Round and Round We Go now. She knows what Barney movies they have in the clinic and specifically requested that one. Hopefully, we will get some preliminary MRI results before we leave, but I have a good feeling so I am not going to worry at all.

I've scored some last minute tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Nashville tomorrow night. I hope it will be as fun and exciting for Summer as I anticipate it will be. When I told her we were going, she said she'd like to go but that Hannah Montana sings better than anyone. I really hope I can find another kid to go with us, but it may just be me her and her daddy. It was amazing the tickets even popped up because a few weeks ago I was thinking I would love to take her to one of his concerts, but I never really looked for tickets. Lucky, as usual, they appeared on Facebook today. It may end up interfering with preschool open house on Thursday, but only if we spend the night in Nashville. Either way, I am super excited for us.

As for her counts, they are good. Her kidney function is good. She weighed 40 pounds and was 40 1/2 inches tall. Blood pressure was also good. I'm so thankful for my healthy little girl. Just to think at one point in time I had doubts that she would make it, and she is beating those 50/50 odds. Praise God for watching over my little girl and letting her recover from cancer. I know not all parents are so lucky so I don't take any days for granted. Together Summer and I make the most of them all. Now bring on the concert!!!

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Susie said...

Praying for good results. Hope Summer and you all enjoy the concerts.