Monday, August 23, 2010

She's great!!

Summer has been enjoying life in the fast lane. With me driving, you know it won't be the slow lane. We did have a little vegging time on the couch today which doesn't happen often. For some reason my butt doesn't like to sit on it for too long, unless I'm watching one of my shows. She wanted to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks" for the umpteenth time - with me. I managed to stay on the couch most of the time, but I did get up to make some stove top popcorn. After we had eaten most of it, she requested for me to pour vinegar on the rest of it. Yep, she's odd like that. I'm not sure who initially came up with the idea for vinegar on popcorn, but she's been eating it like that for a few months. Her daddy likes vinegar too, so maybe that's where she gets it. However, I don't think he likes it on popcorn.

This morning we all went to the park in St. Elmo. They have a really cool zip line and a humongous slide that will give you a headache if you are over the age of 12. Maybe that's why the equipment is intended for 5-12 year olds. :) It was Summer's idea to have a picnic lunch and go to the park. She loves picnics although her favorite part is the playing, not the eating. We loaded up the picnic basket with water, chips, fruit and sandwiches and set out for a fun time. She informed her daddy that she and her Memaw won the basket although I'm not sure where they won it from. She really likes using it though (because she isn't the one carrying it and doesn't know how heavy it is). She just loves the fact that it has it's own silverware, plates and cups. She was a little disappointed when I pulled out paper plates instead of the plastic ones that it came with. She did use one of the cups for her water though. I guess maybe it tastes better from the cup than straight out of the bottle when you are 4 years old.

On Saturday, we also went to the same park for our church groundbreaking party. That was when we discovered the awesome playground which I am sure we will frequent this fall. I wonder how long it would take to ride our bikes to it. Maybe one day we will be brave enough to find out. I think the furthest we have ridden our bikes is around 30th street. We live at 1st. The park is probably around 50th street. We really haven't biked much this summer with it being so hot, but we need to get back to it before Summer outgrows the seat on my bike. I'm not sure what we will do when her shoe size gets bigger. She wears about a 9 right now and that is about as big as it will handle. She hasn't mastered the art of riding her own bike. It isn't really safe for her to be riding it downtown anyways. The cross streets really put a damper in the ride with the sidewalk ramps not always being there to assure smooth sailing. Plus, there are cars on the streets everywhere.

Gymnastics started last week and Summer really liked it. She kept saying she was scared up until she walked out into the gym with the other kids. At that point, I think she fell love. Well, maybe it was more like a strong liking. Watching her and the other girls go around the different circuits and do all kinds of moves was fun. Seeing her smiling face was priceless. It was hard to watch her and Lexie at the same time, but it was also neat to see them doing similar things. It such great exercise for them with all the different muscles that are engaged. I almost wish I could do it, but I know I am too old to start doing that kind of stuff. I don't think my equilibrium could handle it at all. A cartwheel is pretty intense at this age, much less flipping and rolling around for forty minutes. Summer was proud to have learned "the candle" and "the waterfall." I saw her doing them both so I knew what she was talking about when she told me. I thought it was funny how she kept telling the teacher to watch her. I'm sure it would've been me if I was in the room with her. She likes for all eyes to be on her at times, especially when she is doing something she is proud of. This week she will be sporting a leotard like the rest of the girls. Last week, she just wore a tshirt and shorts because she was "scared" and I didn't really feel like pushing the envelope. Plus the one she had to wear, she said is too big. So, since then I went and got her a few more at a consignment sale. Now she has several to choose from. I just wonder if it will be the hot pink one or the Hannah Montana one. I want to bet on the latter, but who knows. Knowing her, she will surprise me and want to wear the long sleeve one because it is cold in the house. But, it is not cold in the gym. It's hard to keep that big of a space cooled when it is hot, hot, hot outside. I can't wait to see her confidence grow as she learns to do all kinds of things. Of course, she may not turn out to be an excellent gymnast. You never know what your kids are good at until they try different things and find out for themselves.

I wonder what she is going to be great at one day.....

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Susie said...

Sounds like she really likes gymnastics. I can't wait till my grand daughter gets big enough to get in to all the different things. It won't be long she will be three in November.