Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who is God?

Summer never ceases to amaze me in the ways she perceives / sees God. We were at a friend's house this weekend and out of the blue she said, "Is God that lady that gives us juice at church?" I knew that she thought Betsy, our music minister, was Jesus. I told her that Betsy, is not Jesus, but that she works for Jesus. I think it is interesting that she thought the music minister was Jesus and not the preacher. She wanted to take her bank to church on Sunday and give it to Jesus, but didn't tell me until we got to the car so it didn't happen. I wonder if she will still give it to Betsy when she does take it to church or if she will put it in the offering.

Yesterday, we were making Summer's banner which will be hung from her pre-school classroom ceiling. She put playground stickers on it and drew a rainbow over it. Then she put on a few princess stickers. She put a few crosses on it and specifically put them by one of the princess stickers. She said, "She can use her magic powers so they can go in the cross and see God." It made me smile and also grab a piece of paper to capture those exact words. A little later she put a heart that had an American Flag design on it. I told her it was a flag and she disagreed and said, "It is the heart of God."

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Susie said...

That is so good that she is interested in learning about God.