Thursday, August 19, 2010

Preschool Day 1

Tuesday was Summer's first day of preschool. I wouldn't say she was excited about going, but rather nervous or in her own words "scared." As you can see above, she had her posse all ready to take with her to class when she got the news from me that she couldn't take the cat. Lucky for us both, it was no big deal. I told her the cat would keep her car seat warm for her and that confused her and got her mind off of the let down. After taking a picture in front of the school, we walked in together until we got to Ms. Glenda's classroom. She stuck right by my side at the door and was reluctant to go to the table and look for her name. But, her teacher welcomed her and helped her find her box to put Teddy in. I wasn't even going to push it with trying to keep Teddy in the car. I doubt she will take him every day, but it's okay with me if she does. What I'm more concerned about is the thumb sucking, but I'm trying to take a step back approach with it too. When she's done with it, she will be. Until then, she can cuddle the bear and suck away. It is actually Teddy's shorts that do most of the comforting, but I'm sure they wouldn't be the same without him in them. She just loves the way the material feels and stays cool. Anyway, after Teddy was put away, the teacher led her to wash her hands and I said good-bye and left. No hugs or tears for either of us, but I'm sure we each had a little hole in our hearts. I know if I would've given her the hug I wanted too, she wouldn't of have wanted to let me go.

When her daddy and I picked her up, she got in the car and I asked her about her day. She had no complaints, but she did have several pieces of artwork to show us. She was most proud of an M she cut with the cool scissors they have in the class. They are the kind that make different edges when they cut. She really likes them and even tried them out at open house last week. She didn't have a whole lot to say about the day, but it seemed like she enjoyed it. She was a little tired when we picked her up so maybe that's why she was not overly enthused.

I'm not super excited about sending her away myself, but I'm sure it will be good for us both to have a little time away from each other. She's such a doll and as you can see, as cute as can be. Below is a picture of her and "Royal Minnie." She was talking in a fancy accent when she told me their names and said, "Welcome to my service." It was too cute and I was glad I had the camera. I just wish I could figure out how to get the videos I take with my new camera to play. Then you could see for yourself. She named herself "Princess Sung." That was the spur of the moment name she gave herself when I asked who she was. Not sure where it came from, but maybe the fact that she likes to sing. Which leads me to another funny story.

She thinks she sounds like Justin Beiber when she sings his songs. She'll ask me, "Don't I sound like Justin Bieber?" She is just now learning the words to the songs and it makes me smile every time I hear her singing. Last night she informed me, after earlier saying she wanted to be a cat for Halloween, that she wanted to be Justin Bieber. I told her if she dyed her hair brown, she would almost have his same hair too. I doubt that will be the plan though. I'm going to pull out the cat costume and hope she snaps back to wanting to wear it.

Gymnastics start tomorrow. She's not as excited as she was last week when we went to look at the gym, but I have a feeling once she gets in the class she will love it. I hope so any, at least for 8 weeks. Music was yesterday. She and Lexie both had a blast in it. I wish they would smile and laugh like that all the time. She did good sharing me with Lexie, but I could tell she was happy when Lexie got up during the snuggle song so she could have my lap all to herself. We did several rounds of "Rock-a-bye baby" yesterday afternoon at home, which is Lexie's favorite song for me to sing to her. They were both having a hard time sharing me then. Lexie is the one that asked me to do it. She got a few turns while Summer talked on the phone to Paw-Paw. When she was finished talking, it was her turn and she cuddled up in my lap and pretended to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to get back up. When I carried her to her bed, Lexie was right there to take over her place in my arms. Such precious little girls they are, and I do not look forward to the day they are too big to fit in my arms/lap. If I'm lucky, they'll still snuggle up on the couch next to me though!


Susie said...

She is so grown up looking.Glad she still enjoys sitting on your lap. They do grow up so fast.

kigurumi said...

you guys look cute in your animal costumes

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer- Love the pictures! You are growing up so quickly and you are a beautiful girl!! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I bet you do sound just like Justin Beiber when you sing. Even BETTER!! Have a great weekend!!

Keeping you in my prayers.