Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coloring cousins

Summer and Catherine have been coloring up a storm for the past few days. Yesterday, they were even "mailmen" and delivered some of their artwork to various people. Summer almost spent the night with Catherine a few nights ago, but five minutes after I had given up on her coming home, locked the door and went to bed, I heard them knocking. I was a little relieved because I would've probably just laid in bed wondering if she was going to come home or not. She has never had problems spending the night away from home, but it usually with Memaw & Nanny, Paw-Paw or her cousins back home. Anyway, she was excited when I put her to bed about waking up and going over to see Catherine after breakfast. She was ready to be a mailman and told me they were even going to walk in the street to deliver some pictures. I'm not sure they actually did that, but I didn't ask her who all they were giving pictures to. Catherine is big enough to take care of her anyway (12 years old) and we are not in a very busy neighborhood. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've seen any other cars than belong to the family on this street. Well, the real mailman, but that's it. As I type, they are in the kitchen with tons of blank pages to color spread out in front of them. I sure am glad to see them enjoying each other so much.

Mia, Summer's 5 year old cousin who she took a liking to first, has been at her dad's house the past few days so Summer and Catherine have become best buddies. She also plays well with the boys ages 6, 7, & almost 9. Her uncle Glen remarked that he was surprised to see Summer playing so well with them as he thought she would not fit in. She has never been a shy one anyway, but I guess he doesn't know her that well. Glen has a nice playground in his back yard and Summer has really enjoyed it too. They even turned the slide into a water slide with a water hose and a slip-n-slide at the end to make the landing a little more comfortable than just the grass. It's amazing they even have grass in their back yards because most house around here don't. Usually, it is just dirt and rocks.

We have also been enjoying the pool at the Palms these past few days too. Nona got us the hookup with a room key so we can get in with no problems. Today, Clint and I took the girls to see Ramona & Beezus. It was a super cute and kid friendly movie. They really need to make more movies like it. It was perfectly clean and wholesome which you can't even find in a lot of animated kids movies today. They always seem to contain some inappropriate innuendos or language. Clint said he even liked the movie today better than Grown Ups which me and him saw yesterday. I don't know which I prefer becuase I did get a few more laughs out of Grown Ups. But, Summer really liked the movie today and kept telling me that it was a really good movie.

Well, she needs me to come wipe her. I guess that means she went #2. Maybe one day her arms will be long enough for her to wipe herself the right way. Until then, I guess I'll be keeping her clean.


Summer said...

That is so fun that Summer has bonded so well with her cousin and they are playing mailman! Something about mail and kiddos that they loooooooooooove!!

Yay that she is having such a good time

have a great day girlie
Summer :0)

Susie said...

Good to see that she can have fun playing with the older cousins.