Thursday, August 5, 2010

Routine time

It is almost time for preschool to start, and I must say I am getting a little nervous. I know she is ready, but for some reason it is still hard for me to let her go. I am starting to implement a routine for us which we have not had in a while. I'm going to try to do breakfast at the table, together. Summer and I each said a blessing this morning before breakfast and Lexie mumbled along with us. I'm also going to give her milk to drink with breakfast which caused some distress this morning. Even though it was chocolate milk, she didn't want to drink it at first. She saw the chocolate and asked if I put milk in it. LOL I didn't cave to her whining protests though and she finished the milk without a fight. I really wish she hadn't gotten out of the habit of drinking it, but I'll just chalk that up to the cancer because before then she drank it every day.

She has still been asking to be excused after a reminder when we got back that we are going to do that here too. She wanted a bowl of noodles while we were attempting to watch Toy Story 2 so she said she was going to have to asked to be excused from the couch when we was done. She did not make it through the whole movie and had actually informed me before we started it that she did not like the Toy Story movies. She's still a Barney girl although her current favorite shows are Brain Surge and Bear in the Big Blue House.

I'm also trying to aim for a 9:00 p.m. bedtime. I just don't think she will go down any earlier unless it starts getting darker sooner...all in due time I guess. She has been sleeping until after 8:00 a.m. for a few weeks which has been nice. I, too, have actually been able to sleep in and not wake up at the crack of dawn. I'm glad preschool is only two days a week for her because having to set an alarm everyday would definitely be a bummer right now. We have 13 years of that to look forward to already. I am already considering making her school day longer, but I guess I will wait and see if I really need the extra few hours of free time.

This morning she had a major breakdown when I picked out her clothes. Instead of caving to the whining, I sent her to her room for a 4 minute time out. It was not a quiet time out and she ended up getting another one when it was over because she was still whining and "couldn't stop." But, by the end of that one, I think she knew she lost the battle and moved onto playing. I know it would not have been a big deal to let her change, but by the time she actually finished her poptart and milk I already had the clothes ready for her. Then the whining began and I decided that it was not working for me and if I let it work for her, she would keep using it. So, I shut it down.

Today at the pool, she impressed me. She wanted to try swimming without her float suit or floaties for the first time. She did pretty good and didn't get upset or seem scared at all. She did need some assistance though at times which I was happy to give her. It was so exciting to see her confident and ready. I know if I put her in swim lessons she would be swimming in no time, but pool season is almost over so I will just wait until early next spring to do them. I'm afraid she would forget all she learned over the winter. She also jumped off the side of the pool for the first time without holding anybody's hands or having anybody catch her. She's pretty good to go under the water whenever which is an improvement too. It's all probably more exciting to me than anyone else, but I must say I am a proud mama.

She can count up to 40 or so right now. I haven't really worked on it with her, but her Nona did a little in Vegas so now she knows how to get from 21 to 30 and on. I just need to work on the numbers that end in 0 so she will be able to make it all the way to 100. My grandad also thinks it is time to start with addition and subtraction, but I still have failed to pull out the flashcards. Maybe we will be able to work a regular time into our new routine. I am trying to figure out what other classes I am going to take her too this fall in addition to preschool. I mentioned to gymnastics to her this evening and she said she wants to do it. Then she told me she can't do a flip anymore like she used to be able to. I hope it will be something she will enjoy, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. She still seems to be more of the cheerleader type than the player type, much to her Daddy's chagrin. The other day she told him we all need to play a sport together. She said she was going to be the cheerleader and me and her daddy were going to be the players. He couldn't talk her out of it either. Makes me smile, but I do hope she will actually play a sport too.

My sister gave us a chore chart which Summer has seen and already asked about. I didn't go into it much with her because I need to go through it and see what things I want to put up there first. I think she will be pretty excited about it, at least at first, and it will also be a pretty good way for her to earn her treats from the store. She doesn't get one every time, but she does almost always ask. We are working on that. I am determined to teach her to be a responsible person, and hopefully this chart will be a step in that direction.

She is a really good girl though. I couldn't ask for a better child. She's loving and fun. She's silly at times. She makes me smile. She's smart. She loves to play games. She loves to create. She is learning to give. And although she shares my lap at times, she prefers to have it all to herself. I guess she's lucky she's going to be an only child because sharing my attention does not interest her much at all. I'm glad I have it to give to her though. I love being her full time mommy. I'm so glad we have another year together before kindergarten. Preschool--ready or not, here we come!

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Susie said...

I know sending your children off to school even though it is only preschool is worst on the parents. The kids are usually fine about it. She sounds like she is ready and she will do good. Don't worry mom just pray for her to have a safe and fun time.