Monday, May 3, 2010

3 days until the big 4

The past week was packed with things to do, as usual. Summer's 3 classes were all attended. Plus, we went to Lake Winnie with some friends. I really wanted to post some pics, but my wireless provider is not doing the best of jobs right now. And, I'm too lazy to hook the laptop up to this computer to switch them over. Oh well, maybe one day I'll get them up.

We also had two birthday parties this weekend. One for Josh, a little boy Summer's same age, who is battling for his life. Please pray for him and his family. It was a pirate and princess party so Summer decided to wear her Hannah Montana dress. I guess she is a modern day princess, right? Yesterday, we went to a party at the Learning Express which was pretty fun. Summer wore her Sleeping Beauty dress to this party, although it was NOT a costume party. Everyone thought she was cute though, so I'm glad I didn't put up a fuss about the princess dress. At the party, they did a few scientific experiment type activities, one of which was making slime. Summer would NOT touch the slime. It took a while for her to even stir it. The boys all loved it and Laila, who is not quite 2, couldn't get enough of it. They also made candy tubes and snow (no, not out of ice). I am happy to say that I got out of the toy store without buying anything for her. Well, I did buy her two activity books, but she doesn't know about them because they are for her birthday. Unfortunately, she has definitely come to be quite a material girl which I hope to curb once cancer is a distant memory in her head. She really got ruined after her diagnosis. Now, we have stuff galore, and we weren't lacking to begin with. Hopefully, I will be able to instill some philanthropic values into her in the years to come. You know, that it is better to give than receive.

She is really excited about her birthday and told her daddy that she wanted a bicycle. So, he went and got her one. I think he even sprung for the princess one with streamers since I told him I'd just go buy them if the bike didn't have them. Of course, she doesn't know about it yet so don't anybody go asking her about the bike she got for her birthday. I also ended up getting her a little figurine set that had the meerkats and baby leopard she wanted, plus a few others. I was so happy when I saw it on the shelf. I even bought it when she was with me and she had no clue.

Well, it is off to music. Then back home to play doctor???


Logical Mommy said...

We're working on David's junk food habit and not wanting to reward EVERYTHING with candy. We're also, in general, trying not to excuse the typical 2-year-old bratty behavior just because we are so thankful that he's healthy enough to exhibit it.

Summer said...

Your sweet princess is about to turn 4! Wow they grow up so quickly! That is awesome ya'll got her the princess bike with streamers she is gonna love it! Kelcee has the meerkat figurine set and girl she loves it....we call Kelcee Bindi the Jungle girl cause she loves all things animals....loves them....

Sounds like Summer had an awesome time at the aquarium and I can't wait to see pics of her all dressed up in her princess costumes....I bet she looked presh!

Summer :0)