Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A month in pics

Summer & Mom Her second t-ball game she was all about the dirt.
Headed to visit the neighbors down the street.
Hiding from the camera, but I liked it anyway. :P
My very own little Tinkerbell. Riding at Willow's house.
Ready to crawl like a turtle in Playgym.
Lexie and Summer have their own rides. LOL
She LOVES this swing!!!
Taking time to pick some flowers.
Carnivals are fun!
Sometimes life is a blur, but the memories are great.
I think we may have been to Chuck E Cheese a time or two in the past year or so.
The ride she waited and waited to ride. Not because there was a line but because we walked by it and went to the other side of the park first. Of course, she is hiding behind her duck she won.
Lexie loved the rides. She is such a big girl (or so she thinks).
Summer being silly with straws on the carousel.
Her momma would've been proud of the way she was driving. Of course, there was no radio to blare. (haha, j/k Amanda)
She was ready with her kitty in her pants.
Hot and sweaty kids enjoying their after game snack.
Summer got to open a birthday present early. Thanks Nona & Nono!
Here is a video of what followed.


Susie said...

Love the pics. Looks like she is enjoying life now. I am so glad for you all.

Summer said...

Loved this post! It makes me so happy to see her so happy and in Remission!! AWESOME GOD IS GOOD!! I just love that pic of the two of you....she is so pretty just like her mommy!!

I am lovin the pink softball mit....super cute! I think Kelcee is gonna be in softball next year, we were playing ball with her outside and she has quite the pitching arm on her....

I just love the cute little dress up outfits so cute.....

Looks like ya'll are having lots of fun!!

Summer :0)