Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cowgirls and Angels

Why is it when I sit down I always want to write something about my life being a whirlwind?

This morning Summer and I had a nice time playing "cowgirl," as she called it. Her bed was my house and hers was under the table in the corner of her room. It was fun putting all the stuffed animals to bed while she watched. Then she went to her house and did the same. I remember playing house with my sister as a kid. We would take blankets out on the front porch and they were our boats. The deck around them was water, of course. I have lots of fond memories of playing dolls with my sister. I think I've said it before, but just in case I am mistaken, I'll say it again. Summer doesn't play with her dolls. Lexie, on the other hand, does. Summer likes to play with her stuffed animals. Leah, her cat (the FurReal one), was one of my pets today. She got new batteries and was purring up a storm while I put the other animals to sleep. Leah still has a donkey sticker on her belly from when Summer was in the hospital last year. She will not let me take it off because it is Leah's animal. LOL I noticed yesterday that another one of her cats has a sticker on it's belly. I think I need to go ahead and take it off before it is stuck like this one is. I am thankful that I don't find stickers on the wall or furniture though. After quite a few "pardners," we were through with our cowgirl play time. I was informed of this after Summer had decided she didn't want strawberries and bananas for breakfast. We're still working on that one. :)

There were a million things that came to mind to write about yesterday, but of course, today my head is blank. I can't believe I've forgotten all those things I thought I would write down. I'm sure they will come to me as soon as I get up. Oh well, gotta go get my girl out of the bed and eating so we can do something fun in a little bit. I am thinking maybe the aquarium. She has mentioned several times going to check on the octopus who is supposed to die since she laid her eggs.

Speaking of death, yesterday, one of Summer's fellow cancer warriors breathed his last breath. He was diagnosed with hepatablastoma, a type of liver cancer, just before Summer and I feel like I have been on their whole journey with them. It was so sad to see him go, but he is not suffering anymore. I don't understand that part - why he deserved to suffer like that. But, he is not alone. There are so many others out their suffering too. I went ahead and told Summer that Joshi went to heaven. She took it pretty well. She said something about people not feeling bad anymore once they do. That was it, and I left it at that. Last night, when we were going to bed, she asked God to not let us die. Not sure if that was related to Joshua, but in some way it probably was. The funeral will be in a couple of days, and I am still unsure of whether or not to take her. She has been to several funerals this past year, but I know this one will be especially sad. Oh well, I guess it will come down to whether or not her Daddy goes and if she wants to go. I hate decisions like this.

All is not doom and gloom though. She also prayed that she would lose a tooth, except she wants to keep it. And, she wants the tooth fairy to come. She has her first dentist appointment next week. I really need to get the paper work filled out, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It's sitting in the messy pile of papers on my desk that also need my attention. I guess I better get to that pile of papers before the keyboard gets buried underneath them. LOL


Summer said...

How fun playing Cowgirl with Summer :0)
Puts a big smile on my face to see another mommy enjoy their girl as much as I enjoy my Kelcee! I love playing Animal Safari with Kelcee! It is funny you said Summer doesn't play with dolls 'cause Kelcee won't either! She plays with all of her stuffed animals she has a gazillion I think and she loves to pile them all on her bed LOL....funny!!

My MIL bought her an American Girl Doll for her 3rd B-Day and she is freaked out by it....she made me put it back in the box LOL....

Sorry about Summer's friend, my heart just aches for the family! Summer is such an amazing and strong little girl!


Susie said...

Sorry to hear about Summer's friend. I hate hearing when little ones die so soon.