Monday, April 26, 2010

10 days and counting

Summer only has a few more days left to be three. We finally got her birthday party planned and the invitations ready to send. She put the address labels on them for me. At first, she wanted to make the invitations which I thought would be fun. But, then we went to Walmart to get some stickers and she chose Mickey Mouse invitations. I didn't tell her about the stickers I had planned on getting though. Otherwise, we probably would've made them. Before we left, I let her go pick out the cake. She picked a Cars cake. ????? My mind is wondering why, but for some reason she picked it over Disney Princess, Barbie, Tinkerbell, and tons of others. It is done though, and I am excited to have the plans all done so I just have to get the cake and show up. Oh yeah, and decide what to get the birthday girl. I'm contemplating a bike, but I might just wait for Christmas on that so she can get a little more use out of the tricycle. We looked at them at Walmart yesterday and I am not sure whether to get a 12" or 16". She tried both and the bigger one was definitely more of a challenge, but not that much more, especially with training wheels. Of course, she wants the Hello Kitty one that has a baby carrier on the back. But, it is the 12" bike. Maybe I will put it off until Christmas after all. Her daddy wants to get her a Pillow Pet so I am sure we will get that. I can probably even get him to go to the mall after it. I'm sure I'll come up with something else. It's just a matter of shopping without her.

By the way, one of my fellow bloggers is having a giveaway for some wooden alphabet blocks donated by Magens Bay Designs. Check out her blog to enter.


Summer said...

You just answered my question....I have been wondering how old Summer is and now I know! She is so stinkin cute and seems so grown for her presh...My Kelcee acts older than she is too! She is 3 1/2....I think her and Summer would get along just fine!

That is funny she picked a cars cake....that so sounds like something Kelcee would do....she is my tutu wearing, finger nail painting lover of dinosaurs ha!

Kelcee has been wanting a pillow pet too....I believe we are gonna order her one....Now I have the song stuck in my head again "It's a pillow, It's a pet, It's a pillow Pet"....hahahaha....Sorry I always break out into song....

They play the commericial it seems a gazillion times a day on sprout....LOL

Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer- How exciting that your birthday is coming so soon!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless