Sunday, May 30, 2010

None of the above

I saw the perfect opportunity for a little physical therapy for Summer. So, instead of workbooks or crafts, we went outdoors. First, we worked our arms by carrying stuff to the car. Then she got to throw the trash away from my car, which she did without complaining I might add. We walked up and down steps, did some hopping and walked around in a pool of water. It was so much fun and it really didn't feel like it was work except when I tried to get her to walk up the stairs with alternating feet. The steps are kind of wide, but eventually she was getting into doing it right. Of course not every time because that would just be too easy. She had to say she wanted to do it the other way, at which point I told her we would end the exercise and just go home. I know, I'm brutal. But, it worked and she finished walking up what was not the last set of stairs for the day. I really wore her legs out because on the last one she could hardly walk anymore. As a matter of fact, she asked me to carry her not too long after we left the water portion of our fun. But, the main point of the excursion being exercise, I did not. I'm supposed to tire her out and then push her to go a little more, and that is what I did. We "hiked" about looking for animals and just enjoying the beauty of downtown. It is amazing how nice the city has become over the last decade. Used to be, we didn't go downtown except on rare occasions. Of course, now we live here so it is pretty hard to avoid. :) Anyway, it was a great adventure for us both that lasted about an hour. I hope to get a few repeats in the next few weeks. The beauty of downtown is there are a hundred paths to take and you never know just exactly which way the road is going to lead you. I love the variety of activities we can be at in just a matter of minutes. Plus, no car ride needed!

But, I think we would all give it up for a yard with a tree house. I know Summer would. On the way to a cookout/play date last night she said, "What if my daddy is allergic to my two dogs and two cats when we get our house? Maybe we should just get a bunny rabbit." Got to love that logic!

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