Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not a cancer patient anymore

I just filled out the registration form for Summer's summer camps and was happy to leave the question "Is your child currently receiving treatment for any condition?" blank. We still go to the clinic for monthly port flushes until they decide to take it out, but she is not currently receiving any treatment. PTL!!! I am super excited about the camps she will be attending, but a little nervous too since I will be dropping her off and I'm not sure how cool she is going to be with that at first. One camp is more of an active "motor skill" camp and the other two are more creative centered around arts and craft activities. The camps have added a little chaos to the music classes she is signed up for, but it will all work out I'm sure. Maybe I should've just skipped the music classes for the summer, but I've already paid for them so we'll try to make them. I think we are going to skip Playgym for the rest of the summer unless she is really just wanting to go one day. She loves her classes.

She is growing so fast now. I am curious as to how much she weighs because it seems like she has gained a few pounds in just the past few weeks. Although I can still carry her around, I can't do it for too long. She fully wears a 5 now although she will still wear some of her size 4 shirts. She just got a package of new clothes in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to put them on. So, even though her clothes were still clean, I let her change into some new ones. One more change of clothes is not going to hurt the laundry pile. Of course, I could always just put them back in her drawer. Her too small pile is growing more and more everyday and needs to be boxed up, but I can't seem to get that done. Seems like she is outgrowing stuff every week, so what is the point right now anyway? We stay so busy around here, I can't even keep the kitchen table cleaned off for too long.

Next week Summer and I are going to be in a wedding up in Detroit. Summer and I went and picked up our dresses from the seamstress the other day after her last t-ball game. We are going to be two pretty girls with those pool blue dresses on. I love the fact that they are matching and hope we get some good pics of us in them. Clint will be dressed up too, so maybe we'll get a good one of the family too.

Well, I'm off to see what activity she has planned for us next. We've already played a game of War (with playing cards) and Littlest Pet Shop doctor this morning. I'm sensing she will be up for something more artistic this time. Maybe we can do some workbook activities. But, if it's up to her, I'm guessing it will involve scissors, tape and paper.


Krissy said...

Sometimes its the little things like that form that remind us of the huge accomplishments in life! :)

Susie said...

Glad to see that Summer is really getting to enjoy life now. She will enjoy the Summer camp getting to play with their kids her age. It is usually the parents that worries more when they are not there.

Summer said...

That is awesome! I am so glad Summer is really getting to enjoy life and she is so pretty and sweet and free spirited and it warms my heart to see her all happy in the pics and you are just such a great mommy! I pray for ya'll daily!!

SUmmer :0)