Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Recap

Summer started her birthday off with a grilled cheese and some turkey slices. Her dad, Paw-Paw, Lexie and myself sang to her with 4 candles in a piece of leftover brownie from the night before. The adults all ate their brownies, but Summer did not (at least not until just before we left the house later that afternoon). The flames on the candles really bothered her eyes and she immediately started rubbing them. Bummer. It took all of us to get the candles out. Summer almost did, but then they flamed back up like trick candles. And, they were not trick candles. After breakfast, she opened her wrapped gifts from us. Then she went out front to discover her brand new (used**) bicycle. She wanted to ride it right away of course. Her daddy had to adjust the training wheels for her because it was a pretty wobbly first ride. She sped around the driveway in her pjs with no shoes on. She had a few spills. For some reason, she tried to dismount the bike while in motion rather than waiting for it to stop - several times. Overall, she ended up with a skinned up knee, but no other major or minor injuries. Hopefully, she will remember to stop before she dismounts and to use the brakes if she gets scared rather than turning and spilling over. While the girls were out playing, I realized that her tricycle, scooter and bicycle are ALL Disney Princess. That's crazy because she isn't even really into the princesses. After several trips outside to ride the back and one trip down the street, we headed to eat at Longhorns, her pick. Her Paw-Paw joined us since he wasn't going to get to go to the main event. She loves their bread. She also ate chili which Lexie was happy to share with her. She always wants to do what Summer does. We headed to pick up the cake after our bellies were all full, topped off with a hot fudge birthday sundae. When we got back to the condo for a quick pre-party break, Summer had a birthday present waiting at the door from my buddy Christina. It is a write desk which holds markers, crayons, colored pencils, brushes and that kind of stuff. We got it finished just in time to leave for the party.

When we got to the party, it was a little chaotic, but I guess most birthday parties are. They had a horse which cost $.50 and everyone wanted to ride. Luckily, it sat two kids - one on the saddle and one on the tail. Summer definitely had her fair share of rides, but was still waning one more ride with her pillow pet before we left.
The kids played bingo by listening to sounds and matching them up to the pictures on their cards. They were each given a pack of Smarties for playing pieces. She really loved all her gifts. Her unicorn pillow pet that she got from Memaw and Nanny is her favorite I think. Maybe the glow in the dark jelly fish from Gavin is though. She played with most of them when we got home. She even colored a picture on her new desk from one of her new coloring books. She played with her pom-poms and told her daddy she would cheer while me and him played football. LOL Guess he just might have a cheer leader after all.
The bubble blower from Amanda was really awesome with super-sized bubbles and bubbles inside other bubbles.
Polly Pockets were fun and she found that her Snow White doll is the same size so she can hang out with the other chick on the boat whenever. LOL

It was a great and exhausting day, but she stayed up until I made her go to bed a little after eleven. She did pick one book she got about a snowflake to read before bedtime. I sure am grateful that she had so many friends and family members to share the day with. It was a great day full of great memories.
Today, I have realized that I am now shopping in the big girls section. No more toddler stuff here. I can't wait to see all the growing she will do in the next year. Stay tuned.

**used - he found one on craigslist just like the one he bought. So he bought it and took the new one back saving about $40. It had not been used more than a half hour the ad said. Anyways, $$ saved by Daddy. Go Clint! :)


Summer said...

Happy Birthday Summer!! Looks like she had so much fun! Hello I want one of those bubble makers....sounds so fun ha!

She looks so her dress.....she is just precious a ray of sunshine I tell ya....

love the cake super cute....

Summer :0)

Susie said...

Glad to see she had a wonderful birthday!! Happy Birthday Summer!!She looks like she has really grown from the pictures.

Kristi said...

Looks like a fun party, and a great day overall! Hopefully those skinned knees recovered well. Happy belated birthday to Summer!

And Happy Mothers Day to you!