Friday, May 14, 2010

Whirling into the weekend

I have failed to give an update on Summer's MRI that she had earlier this week. So, as you can probably guess, things looked great. Now if we can just make it through next week's ct scan with the same news life will continue to be good. I mentioned her eyes being sensitive to light to the Dr., but I didn't get a definite answer or direction from him. I guess I will take her to an optometrist and see what they think.

I have decided that Summer and I will go to the funeral home together for visitation rather than the funeral. It is just going to be too sad and it is quite a ways away from where we live so it would be hard to do both days. She told me that she wishes we could see him one more time. I told her we might get to at the funeral home. But, she said she meant his whole body. I told her one day in heaven we will get to see him. They were never what I would call close, but a familiar face is a familiar face and when you know their name you have some sort of bond.

Playgym was a blast this morning as the kids explored emotions. Summer definitely knows how to show her emotions, although I am trying to curb some of her actions into ones that are acceptable. For instance, when she is mad, it is NOT OK to hit the person or be destructive. Also, it is OK to be sad, but whining is not the answer to anything. But, at the same time, I want to let her express her emotions. Man, this mommy stuff is fun. Just before our shower, we listened to Summer's Song of Love which she still loves. During the song, she directed me to dance with different faces - angry, sad, happy. It was cute to see her follow up the class with some of the things we talked about.

We also made a book run at the library since we had some books that were due back. I can't wait to read the ones we picked out to her. I really think she might start reading at some point this year. She is learning small words right now and how to sound out the letters that she sees. It is so exciting for me to experience all of this with her, although it may seem cheesy to some. Some people would rather just let someone else do all of this fun stuff for them or are too busy to even care. I know some people can't help it and have to work, but it is really sad to me that some people just don't want to put that much effort into their kids. I really feel so blessed to be able to nurture and cultivate her as she grows up. Of course, only time will tell if it was worth it. But, right now I think it is. The days go by fast as we run from here to there experiencing all we can, but it is fun and we do have some down time. Maybe not much, but I feel like life is so short. You never know when you will have your last day on this earth. So live your life to the fullest and make your dreams come true! That's my motto anyway.


Susie said...

I think it is good that you get to stay home with Simmer and do all the stuff that you do with her. Glad to see that the MRI results was good.

Summer said...

It warms my heart to see you have so much fun with Summer as I do with Kelcee! I love doing all the fun little things with her! Today her and I went to Target and got popcorn, shopped and then saw Maw-Maw and went to Sonic and got a Cherry Limeade...what a fun girlie day....oh then we went to blockbuster to rent a movie....

I am so glad Summer's results came back great! I will keep fingers crossed about the next one!

Tonight I take my chemo injection the new one and I am scared about it....

Have a great weekend girlie
Summer ;0)

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