Wednesday, May 19, 2010


No evidence of disease for Summer! Praise the Lord!!! I am so thankful for my beautiful, healthy daughter. She is such a blessing and joy in my life.

T-ball is going great. She continues to improve and actually started going after balls in this last game. There is only one more game for this season. I am kind of sad, but it is getting hotter and hotter outside so I'm sure we won't be missing it too much. Plus, we've got all the accessories now so we can just play in the yard if she decides she wants to. I kind of doubt that will happen, but never say never.

She got to go to her Memaw's after her game yesterday and won't be coming back until in the morning. So, I am trying to get all the stuff I need to done while she is gone, but the big pile of papers to my left it just not tempting at all. As long as the bills are paid, I can leave it there indefinitely. LOL

I still have yet to turn in her preschool registration. I really need to get on that, but just keep getting sidetracked by life. I seriously need to do it this week though. So, maybe tomorrow after she comes home we will head that way. Who knows? We may even stop by Chuck E Cheese afterwards. Wish I could find that birthday coupon I printed off!


Susie said...

That is great news about her tests. An answer to prayer.

Kristi said...

Yippee! Praise God, what excellent news! I am so happy!

Bridgett said...

Awesome, awesome news!