Thursday, May 20, 2010


This morning when Summer got home, she was ready to do crafts. So, we made a birthday card for a party we are going to this weekend. Then she made a picture with some stencils, sequins, and stick glue. After that, she was still wanting to be crafty so she asked me to draw her a cat, dog and rabbit. Instead, I printed off these:

Then she cut them out and made a beautiful picture with the animals and a red sun she had drawn with a marker. She brought it in here to me and wanted to put it in a picture frame. Well, then she made the mistake of putting it into the top of the paper shredder (which for some reason was not on the can that catches the paper) and this happened:

She was instantly heartbroken and wept at the loss of her beautiful picture. She didn't think the shredder was on, but she was mistaken. Hopefully, it was a lessen learned. It took her a good five minutes of cuddling to get over it. Of course then she wanted to snuggle with me and watch cartoons. There's always some good to come from bad times I guess.

I remembered this morning that her preschool paperwork is not here. Another bummer. Looks like I won't be getting that done today. I did call the preschool though to check on when I need to register by so there's one thing accomplished.
Well, I better get back to the girls.


Susie said...

That is so sad for Summer. I know excited when kids get when they make a picture or craft.

Kristi said...

Oh no! Poor Summer! Darn shredder.

Summer said...

This title freaked me out for a minute girlie! I was scared you got some not good news from one of Summer's tests! Whew boy am I glad that wasn't it!!

Oh no on the paper poor Summer! That stinkin shredder LOL....

Glad cuddles with mommy helped