Monday, April 20, 2009

We are in....


Yep, I jinxed myself. Either that or we are in a pattern for room assignments. But, I am trying to just be thankful that we are in. Her counts were around 1400 today so we got the green light to start cycle 2. She will get one chemo med tomorrow over an hour and then two the following three days. One over an hour and the other over two hours. So, we will not be confined to the room for a 48 hour period like we are on odd number cycles. That is good news! I am already getting stir crazy and we have only been in the room a few hours. We have already made one trip to the rooftop garden too! It is going to be a long week.

Summer is playing with her Memaw and Nanny in the oncology playroom right now. Clint came over to bring some stuff I forgot and we went down to eat in the cafeteria. I actually got a sandwich that I would say is awesome, for hospital food anyway. :) Then when we got back to the room, Summer asked if she could go to the playroom and I told her she could. Then she informed me that I wasn't going. Gotta love it when the two year old thinks they are in charge. Anyways, I gladly welcomed the break because it gave me a chance to pull out my laptop and blog. I have been slacking the past few days, but we have been busy. I actually had most of the weekend "off" because Summer spent two nights at my mom's house. Yes, she LOVES her Memaw and Nanny so much that after church on Sunday she asked to spend the night with them again. So, I got to hit the sack early last night which I really needed due to the late night I had on Saturday. Anyways, we have been here since about 9:30 this morning. We got our room around 3:00 so we spent most of the day in the clinic. Summer got to play with some of the other kids so that was nice. I also got to talk to some of the moms which was also nice. But, we were ready to get out of there by the time someone was ready to escort us to our room. Do they think we are going to try to escape in between the clinic and the hospital???? LOL Maybe so since they know how much us cancer moms hate the "small" rooms (like 318).

Summer has been eating good all day. She has been feeling good too. She was not excited when she found out we were coming to the clinic this morning, and she was even less excited when she found out we have to spend the night here. She got really upset when they accessed her port this morning. So did her daddy. He left the room after asking me if I needed his help in restraining her. I told him I could do it and he RAN! Well, not literally, but the nurse called him a wimp when he got back. :p She really didn't do that bad once she got over the anxiety of it all. She turns into such a whiny, wiggle worm when she finds out she is going to be accessed, but once you start restraining her she gets even more upset. I tried to tell her to sit still and I wouldn't have to hold her down and possibly hurt her, but it took a minute or two for her to realize that sitting still was the best thing to do. Once it was in, she was good. She just didn't want it taken back out. Thankfully that won't happen until probably Saturday.

I am curious, but not anxious, to see how she is going to feel once these meds start going. I don't remember what the immediate side effects are, but everyone has a different reaction anyway. This round is supposed to be a lot worse than the other, but to be honest the first round wasn't too terribly bad. I think it could've been a lot worse. I wonder if she will be up to the wedding we are supposed to go to on Saturday afternoon. Well, we won't know until then so there is no since worrying about it all week. Worrying is not my style anyways. Anybody else wanna worry for me, go ahead. I'm going to try to have a fun week. Well, as fun as it can be in a hospital. I am really just ready to hit the sack today and get some good snuggling in with my little girl. We've got one more visitor coming tonight and then to bed we will go. I'm glad to have the visitors though. They sure do help to pass the time.


Stephanie said...

I'm glad you got a few days off. I'm sure that helps you "recharge" so you can be the best mom possible to Summer. I really hope the next few days go well with no side effects!

Stephycce said...

Glad you had a few nights off. Sounds like you enjoyed it. Sorry your in a small room :( Hope you make the best of it. Here's to hoping Summer does good this round too.

the mol said...

I'm in the hospital with The Boy too. Actually, we're still in the ER Iso room, waiting to go upstairs. In our hospital the rooms in the special care unit are pretty much the same, although two of them have showers whereas the rest do not. The ones in the regular pediatric area don't have fridges.

So I'll write lots of blogs, and you do the same, so we can entertain each other.

Endo Girl said...

We are thinking of ya'll and will come visit sometime and bring Summer something special. Let us know when is a good time of day. We don't want to get in the way with the small room. :)

Tiffany said...

Sucks you have to be in 318, but I hope y'all have a decent week this week.

lmt1073 said...

Just wanted to know that we are still praying.... can you pray too much??? I sure hope not!

I hope you and Summer have a wonderful day!

Susie said...

Glad to see that you had a much needed couple days off. Here is hoping that this week is just is good to you. Keeping you in my prayers.

Bridgett said...

Room 318? Bummer.
I hope the first chemo round went well today.

Keeping you guys in my thoughts!