Tuesday, April 21, 2009


That is Clint's new nickname for Summer. I am not sure she will go for it since yesterday her name was Mogo Noodle. She just laughed when I asked her if her new nickname was Chemo-sabe. So, I guess we are sticking with Mogo. I don't know where she came up with that nickname, but she really seems to like it.

She started her chemo less than an hour ago. So far she is still playing and acting like her usual self. She has eaten really good today. So far 10 bites of pancakes, 7 pretzels, 20-25 cheetos, 2 peanut butter crackers and some sushi rolls. She also drank about half of a chocolate milk. Last night the Dr. said he is concerned about her weight. When she started this journey she weighed about 33.5 lbs. Now she is just above 30 pounds. She has been eating good since the chemo stopped, but now we are on another round and the nauseating drug is being pumped into her as I type. He says they might put a feeding tube in her if she loses much more weight. Exactly how much, I am not sure. But, that is not something I am looking forward to. Pray that she will be able to keep enough food down to keep this from happening because it would be at least one more surgery. I talked to another mom this morning who has 20 year old who is also under treatment in the children's hospital that has had 3 surgeries for his feeding tube so far. Yikes!!!

My sister came up this morning to give a chance to run to the gym and then home to take a shower. I also cut my hubby's hair which was a first for me. I didn't do too bad. I did better than a
Supercuts hairstylist did on one of our friend's hair the other day. It was WAY crooked. I only had two gaps that don't really look too bad. Maybe in a few days I'll cut it again but go shorter this time. He said he likes it a little shorter anyway. Anyways, the cut looks better than I expected it would and he is NOT going to the hair salon today.

Summer got a few packages in the mail from her chemo angels. I haven't gotten them out of the bag yet, but I did bring them in case she needs some cheering up later. I gotta go. Someone wants me to hold them. :)


lmt1073 said...

YOu go hold that baby and hold her tight and give her sweet mommy kisses.. and me, well, I'll keep praying!

Stephanie said...

Praying that she is able to eat so a feeding tube isn't needed. Go hold your sweet girl!!! Praying for you both!

Stephycce said...

Aww give her good hugs!
Hoping this round goes well.


Bridgett said...

Oh yuck. I hope she doesn't have to have a feeding tube either.

But you know, her weight doesn't seem that bad to me. Autumn is 4 and only weighs 33.5 pounds.

Good luck, sweetie.

BTW, I think Mogo is a cute nickname. :)

Tiffany said...

Hope she doesn't lose more weight and doesn't have to have the feeding tube. Enjoy holding your little Chemo-sabe. ;)

Linda said...

Hi, Jennifer! I am thinking of you, praying for you, and even read your blogs to Mary Beth. Summer is always prayed for by someone at church every time I go. This morning we had a guest speaker since Julia was away getting new knees. The guest speaker even prayed for Summer!

I hope you are doing okay. I heard there was a shower in the parents room and wonder why you don't want to take advantage of that? I also heard there is a play room at the hospital. Does Summer ever go there? I don't remember seeing it when I was there.

God bless you both and keep looking up! Love to all, Linda