Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun-filled days are here to stay

Wouldn't that be nice?

We have spent the past day and a half with my sister and her kids. The kids had a great time destroying the place, of course that is what happens when you have a lot of stuff in a little space. :) Mix that with three kids and you have a huge mess. Funny thing is, I only have one kid and the house is usually still a mess. Can I count Clint as a kid? If so, put me down for two messy kids to clean up after. I just love being the mom. Really, I do. It's one of those thankless jobs that is rewarding in its own way. No monetary reward, unless you get lucky in the the laundry room like I do on occasion. :) But, I'm not sure you could put a price on it any way. I would be WAYYYY expensive! LOL

Yesterday, we started the day off with a walk to the Creative Discovery Museum. The kids always love to go there. Summer hasn't been able to go to her classes in about a month so she was glad to get to go too. She wore her mask with complaining. That was nice because I didn't have to constantly worry about her breathing in all the germs in the air. Plus, she has had a bandage on her thumb for the past two days due to a sore she made sucking it so I didn't have to worry about her hands going into her mouth. YAY! I guess that is the good in the bad. Even though she got the sore, which obviously hurt her if she was going to keep a bandage on it for 2 WHOLE days, she's not constantly putting germs into her mouth. So, maybe this will break her of her habit. I'm not going to hold my breath. Besides, I'd be kind of sad to see it go. It is one of the only things that keeps her my baby. I feel like she is completely a little girl now. No more baby, especially if this thumb sucking stops. Her voice even seems like it has changed. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

After the museum, we walked to the playground. Then, we had to go have ice cream because the Dr. gave Summer a dollar at her appointment that morning specifically for an ice cream. He didn't know we go to Coldstone. LOL I'll take it though. I love Drs. who give you an excuse for getting ice cream. After loading up on suger, we headed back to the house for some indoor fun. We made homemade pizzas which was fun. Leah was especially proud of her pepperoni pizza. I made a beef pizza which Clint finished off as soon as he got home. He said it is better than any pizza he's had besides Lupi's. I think it was better than theirs though. And SOOO much cheaper! Of course I might be biased. :) After that we played with a jewelry craft kit one of my neighbors gave me. We all loved it and had fun creating our own designs. Auntie read the bedtime story and we were all in bed by 9:30. YAY!!!!

Today Summer and I got up and went to her treatment. She is doing really good. She is not looking forward to getting de-accessed from her port tomorrow. I think she asked about it yesterday. So, I know she is already dreading that moment. The worst part (I think) is when they take the bandage off. She does not like for ANYONE to take ANYTHING (that is stuck to her) off. Thankfully, they do make some stuff that makes the bandages come off easier, but it still has to kind of be worked under the bandage. Today they forgot to take the things they hook the monitors up to (with little metal button like centers) off before she woke up. So, she still has two of those on her shoulders. They will be there until tomorrow unless they get stuck to her shirt and accidentally get yanked off like they did the other day. :( It seems like they have different people everyday doing the treatments, so I have to remind them each day to remove all things they stick on her before she wakes up. Guess who forgot today? Yep, me. The anesthesia guy yanked the temperature probe from under her armpit as she was coming out of sedation today. What a way to wake up! My poor baby.

After returning from the Dr., where she ate 1 1/2 "no-icing" pop-tarts, we had breakfast. Then we hopped in the car and went to the River Park where we played on the playground and blew bubbles. I got on the swings with Leah and made myself sick I went so high. Yep, I'm getting old. I wonder what it would be like if I went to Six Flags and rode all the rides??? We picked up my mom for lunch which was nice since today is my sister's 25th (she wishes) birthday. Love ya Sis! After lunch we returned Memaw to work and headed to the Aquarium where I used up my last bits of energy. Then we headed home and said our goodbyes. Then Summer and I collapsed in the bed. I LOVE NAPS!!!

I forgot to mention something funny that happened the other day. Remember that sore on her thumb? Well, when we laid down for a nap a few days ago, she asked if she could suck my thumb since hers had a bandaid. LOL It was so cute! I told her just to suck her other thumb, but she didn't even try. I let her try to put it in her mouth (yes, my hands were clean :p ) but she quickly realized it was too big. And, I'm sure not nearly as tasty.

I'm waiting for her to get up from her nap. Clint is warming up dinner. Man, that sounds funny. Oh well, he got lucky for looking good here. I guess I should get off here and go thank him for fixing dinner (aka heating up the leftover chili from yesterday). I wonder if I can talk him into making dessert too???


Bridgett said...

What a fun couple of days. Jennifer, I mean it when I say, you really are a rockstar mommy.

Hope Summer continues to feel well and play hard. :)


Stephycce said...

Aww how sweet!
I hate seeing small things that make the kids seem even less and less my baby.

Stephanie said...

Love the thumb story...too cute!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I'll be thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.

Happy Easter!

Krissy said...

The thumb story made my day =]

lmt1073 said...

Glad to see ya'll are enjoying some time! Still praying for you

Kathie said...

That is so cute about her wanting to suck your thumb and your thumb not being "as good" as hers..LOL. sounds like y'all have really been soaking up the fun this week!! I'm so glad!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have been following your blog for a little while now after being referred by Stephanie Ogle, Peyton's mom. I haven't commented before but I just wanted to let you know Summer has been in my prayers. Tonight, I had the opportunity of catching a glimpse of your precious daughter at Ryan's. We were arriving as you and your group were gathered in the lobby. I really wanted to say hello but my two year old monkey kept trying to stick her fingers in the oscillating fan so I didn't get a chance. My fear was that you may have thought I was staring at little Summer but I assure you that wasn't the case. Anyway, I hope to run into you guys again. It was so nice to see Summer out and about. Her pictures are pretty but she is even more beautiful in person. Take care!
Cara Morgan

the mol said...

We have never tried to put a mask on our son's face. I don't really see him standing for it. He doesn't suck his thumb as often as he used to; usually when he is tired or being snuggled. We keep his hands clean by following him around with wipes all the time. Usually, we can manage.

Of course, he got a cold last week. Grr! I don't know how, since we really don't go anywhere.

Tiffany said...

That's so cute about her wanting to suck on your thumb. ;) My daughter sucks her thumb too until it gets sores on it, but she'll still suck on it when it has the sore. Sometimes she'll switch the thumb she sucks on, but not very often. :)