Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just another "busy" American

Today, it was pointed out to me that our society is a "busy" society. We all have tons of things to do, not really taking time to step back and just enjoy life. We rush from place to place and do all sorts of things. We are always in a hurry to get somewhere. I have heard from my little girl several times, "Mommy, why do I always have to run?" When I hear that, I think about how she must feel always chasing along after me. Why don't I just slow down and take my time? Why do I always have to be in a hurry? Well, life in the fast lane is very fun, although sometime hectic. No time to sit around feeling sorry for yourself or mope about the house. There is always some new adventure around the corner. I love days like that full of fun things to do. Well, this weekend has been no exception. We are/were booked. I did skip an Easter egg hunt this afternoon because I am just so worn out. However, we did manage to fit in church, a little kite flying and a trip to the art museum.

We went to the zoo yesterday and Summer got to pet a bunny. She got a pink basket and we had a scavenger hunt and the kids got eggs and prizes. Willow, Selena and her mom also joined us. We all had a good time looking at the animals who were surprisingly mostly awake. There were a few "scary characters" at the zoo - an Easter bunny and a frog to be exact. At least one of the kids in our party was scared of them. I won't say who it was, but she got freaked out and went straight to her mommy for protection. That being said, we didn't have to worry about losing her during our visit. She was never far away.

We had some friends over for dinner last night. Summer and my friend's little girl, Katie, played great all night. They made some awesome cookies for us after we finished up our lasagna. Gotta love those easy refrigerator cookies. We had Peanut Butter Lovers and Chocolate Filled chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious! Needless to say, there were none left this morning when Summer woke up asking for one. I was exhausted at the end of the day, but glad that we got to see our friends and enjoy life like "normal" people. LOL

Today we went to church. Summer wore her mask like a good girl and did not even try to take it off (unless I was letting her eat something). Which leads me to something I am really thankful for. SHE IS EATING AGAIN!!! Today she has had 3 small bowls of Frosted flakes (with milk), a pop-tart, half a brownie, a fudge round, and a soft taco. Not the healthiest diet, but the doctor said to let her eat whatever she will. I can definitely see an improvement in her appetite. Woo-hoo!!!

She is still complaining of her belly hurts, but she won't take the pain medicine the doctor prescribed. She hasn't even tasted it. I think she is a little burnt out on oral medications. She is taking the allergy pill they prescribed her. She is also doing her mouth wash pretty good for us. I gave her a cotton swab this morning so she can use it to rub the mouth wash in her mouth. She still hasn't really attempted swishing it in her mouth. Of course, it might be hard when you are two. But, she won't be two for much longer.

Her 3rd birthday is coming up next month, and I don't know what we are going to do for it yet. If everything goes perfectly, she will probably be starting her 3rd cycle of chemo the week of her birthday. So, we may celebrate the weekend before. I do know that she wants another Barney cake this year. I may opt for a cupcake cake this time since that would be easier. I saw a cute one at Wal-Mart the other day.

Well, that pretty much wraps up our weekend. I packed in as much fun as possible, but now I am paying for it. I am completely exhausted. This week I am going to try to be less busy and do more relaxing. We do have radiation everyday, but after each one we should be coming home unless she happens to get sick for some reason. So, maybe I will get some rest this week. The week after we will be hospital bound so I am going to need to be rested going into that. I think I am pretty much brain dead so I'll make my way to the couch. Maybe I could get a little snuggling with my hubby in tonight!


Susie said...

Glad to hear that your had a nice weekend.Hope everything goes just as well this week.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had a good weekend and that Summer is eating better! Continuing to keep you both in my prayers!

Stephycce said...

Glad to hear you had a good weekend. YAY for eating!!

~Ann~ said...

I'm glad to hear that Summer has her appetite back. It looks like you had a really busy weekends.

I think thats just part of lift. Rushy, rush, rushy. Its nice to stop adn smell th eroses sometimes but then you always fall back into the hectic scheme of life.

Bridgett said...

Sounds like a great weekend for you guys!

I hope your week continues to be a good one.

Sending big hugs to Ms. Summer!