Thursday, April 30, 2009

ANC is Zero = no church Sunday

Bummer. Yep, her counts are ZERO. That means she has no immunity. So that means we are lock down from going places unless it is outdoors and there will not be a lot of people around. Even the playground is out now because I would have to wipe everything down and then there is that darn swine flu. Oh well. Life could be worse. Saturday we are still planning on going to my aunts to see all the bikes ride by. There is some sort of bike ride that happens every year and they go by my aunts and she gives them drinks and snacks. I think her work sponsors it. I'm not sure but they give out Little Debbies to the riders. Yummy!!! We will be in the yard away from the people so I think it will be okay for us to go. It will be neat to watch I think. Plus we can always go for a walk on my grandad's farm for a little adventure. I think she will end up spending the night with my mom Saturday night so that means Clint and I will have a night to ourselves. :)

We do not have another planned hospital stay until May 13th. That seems like so far away although it is only two weeks. Still, if her counts are up I would love to get away for a few day. Wish we had time to sneak off to Florida. Lots of people have been going to the beach and it has really got me wanting to go too. I won't start dreaming yet, but it would be nice. I am just hoping they are up before her birthday next week. Her party is still up in the air. We go back on Monday for another count check. She is still on the shots until then. We've already gotten today's out of the way. She always cries before the shot, but it is over so quick and she never says another word afterwards. I can't wait until she discontinues the hysterics and takes it like a big girl. But, she is only two. Well, next week she'll be three. But, I'm sure she will still be my baby! Oh how I love her....


the mol said...

Washing the hands and whatnot... but you can get through this by being careful. I don't know how much of it she really "gets" but it's surprising how quickly they learn. There was a little guy who was 3, talking about "the blood goes this way, and the blood goes that way..."

She sounds so sweet. I hope that she'll be able to have her birthday party.

Susie said...

It will be nice for you and your husband to spend the night alone.I know you love your baby girl but it is nice have alone time.Praying that the counts are up next week.

Bridgett said...

It's obvious how much you love her. And I hope she has the best 3rd birthday ever!!!

She's a little trooper.

Enjoy your two weeks...just be extra careful with that fragile little immune system.


Stephanie said...

Praying for her counts to go up quickly!

How nice for you and your hubsband to have a night guys deserve it..hope you have a great time!

Stephycce said...

She'll always be your baby! My Dad still says I'm his baby but shh don't tell LOL.
Sorry her counts are down :(
Hope she feels better!


Stephanie said...

I'm sad to hear her counts are down, but I suppose that's just part of beating this nasty cancer! Hopefully you all can still have a fun time. Wow, 3!! Which means my Summer is almost 3. I don't like this getting bigger thing..