Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4 days to go

Well, 4 more treatments anyway. We won't be done until the day after Easter which is the same day we start our next chemo cycle. Boy are we looking forward to radiation being over!!! We are enjoying another lazy day at home. Radiation was a blast this morning! Right. Actually, Summer decided that today she did not want to take a "nap" at the hospital. Well, of course, she did not really have a say so in this matter, but that did not stop her from voicing her complaints. :) She didn't want to lay down on the table either, which she hasn't on any of our other visits anyways. I always carry her back to the room and sit on the table holding her until she loses consciousness. Today she got to help knock herself out. She pushed the medicine into her line until it started working (a matter of seconds) and then the Dr. finished putting her under. Then they took her limp body from my arm and laid her down on the table to get her positioned for the treatment. She gets a gas mask while the actual prep and treatment are going on. She wears it all the way back to recovery where she wakes up. Sometimes she starts to regain consciousness a little early and tries to sit up on the stretcher. But, the past few times they have given her enough medicine to keep her under until we are in our recovery room. Then we transition her to my lap where she snuggles me for 15-30 minutes. She always seems to recover better in the clinic than in the pediatric surgery recovery room. Lucky for us, we are out-patient this week so we get to recover in the clinic.

This morning she wanted to eat before we left home. Today is actually the first time she has WANTED to eat before radiation. Usually I just wake her up and take her straight there, but she has been sleeping on the couch the past two nights so she woke up when I was getting ready. (another reason I love her sleeping in the back part of our room in her bed) She asked for grapes and tomatoes. LOL Yep, she is back to her old self, for the most part anyway. She ended up eating a pop-tart after her treatment. We are out of grapes and she never mentioned the tomato again. She also just had some chicken noodle soup which seems to be her favorite thing now. We work on a can all day long!

She is still complaining of belly pain, but she still will not take the pain medicine. Today she did stick her finger in a drop to taste it, but she said she didn't like it. Maybe one day she will change her mind, but for now I am not going to force it on her. That wouldn't work anyway and would probably only end up with us both in tears.

We may go see the Easter bunny sometime this week. I showed her the picture from last year which she wanted to keep. Of course she bent it a little so now it is not good enough for her. She is a little OCD when it comes to things being broken or bent. The funny thing is, in the picture last year which was taken in mid-March, she was wearing a tank top and shorts. Today she has on warm pants, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. Oh, and a toboggan because it is so cold outside! Wouldn't it be neat to have those pics side by side? Well, the day isn't over yet....

She had an awesome day again yesterday. Lots and lots of smiles and laughter. It does a body good, ya know! I am so thankful for days like that. If it weren't for the good days, I don't know how I would cope. I am trying to lean on God to get me through this. He has been there every step of the way. I can see Him in so many things in life, speaking to me it seems. I have never really seen so much irony in life as I do now. I guess it takes something big to make you notice little things in life. There have been so many coincidences in the past few weeks, I can't count them on my hands. I ran across this blog post today. Seems like He is always there, right around the corner waiting to give me a new lesson in life. The key is to LISTEN. That is something I probably need to work on. Did I really say probably? :)


Bridgett said...

After the radiation is done, will that be all of it forever? I sure hope so.

I'm so glad Summer is starting to feel more like herself. And that she's eating better. All excellent news.

I also believe her tummy is probably hurting because all these toxic concoctions and antibiotics she's been getting are wiping out her good gut bacteria. Believe me...it's happened to me and it's unbelievably painful. Restoring those good bacteria by mixing the probiotics with her drinks (she'll never know they're in there) would probably help A LOT.

Good luck and have a wonderful day!!


Bridgett said...

Hey, sweetie.
I get my probiotics at www.kirkmanlabs.com

We use the Super Pro Bio and the Pro Bio Gold (we alternate).
I think it would be a super wise investment for Summer, especially right now. Our guts dictate so much about how we feel overall.

I used to get bronchitis all the time and was on various antibiotics for an entire fall.

I ended up getting Clostridium Difficile. It's basically a bacteria that's always in the gut, but because I no longer had any good bacteria to counteract (it had been wiped out by the antibiotics), the c. diff was running rampant in my system. And it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. More painful than childbirth even. I felt like somebody was stabbing me in the abdomen. So something like that really could be causing a lot of Summer's belly discomfort.

Aloe juice (which, if you buy George's brand is completely clear and tasteless), is also a great, soothing thing you can do for the belly. It really protects the mucosal lining.

I don't want to come off as telling you what to do...and I hope I'm not. LOL
I just want to help Summer any way I can and that's what I can offer. That little bit of knowledge I have.

Hope this helps in some small way!

Stephanie said...

So good to hear that she's still eating well and getting back to normal in that aspect at least. My kids love poptarts..I honestly think they could live on them if they had to :)

I just wanted to let you know that I got your comment this morning on my blog from Jacob playing ball over the weekend. Summer will get to play...I just know that she will have years and years of happy times and wonderful memories!!!! I pray for your entire family every night and think of you all often. Sending love your way!

ginger said...

Thanks for linking to my post. I must say I was shocked. In a good way.
So glad Summer is eating again. I know that has been hard for you. I pray for you guys everyday.

Tiffany said...

Keep leaning on God through these tough times.