Monday, April 13, 2009

Counts too low!!!

She's posing! She wouldn't smile, but when I said pick your nose, she did!!! Her new ball cap especially made for her. It will be perfect for sunny days or rides in Mommy's cool car!

She sported it backwards the first time she wore it. She saw her cousin try it on like that, and I think that is why she did it too. Looks like she should be on a ball field!!

Leah blows the bubbles while Summer watches them drift away.

All three monkeys playing....

Summer's ANC was only 144 today so she did not get admitted to the hospital. Her counts are probably low due to the radiation. They go up and down all the time it seems, but this is pretty low. Below 500 is when you are most susceptible to germs. Makes me wonder about the weekend. I hope she didn't catch anything. She didn't have a mask at church which worried me at the time, but not as much as it does now that I know how low her immunity actually is. Oh well, won't do any good now to worry. We will just have to stay away from crowds and sick people. I haven't been checking her temperature regularly, but I guess I should keep an eye on it. So, we have officially hit our first delay. Her counts have to be at least 750 to start the next cycle of chemo. We go back on Thursday to see if they are high enough. If so, we will go in then and get chemo over the weekend. So, it looks like no church next week. :(

Yesterday we had two Easter egg hunts. One at my aunts and another at my best friends. Here are some pics from both
Oh my!She did have some fun hunting eggs. My niece and nephew all dressed up for Easter
She loves that pouty face pose. LOL Great Grandad gives her a dollar for her egg. Cuddled up in Daddy's arms
Summer was not too happy to have to take a pic with Willow & Mason.
One crying, one smiling. Making funny faces is fun!
Today we are hanging out together. We just got up from our nap which was lovely! I am trying to convince her to go to the potty, but she assures me she doesn't need to. We are having round 2 of leftover lasagna which she remembered we had left over from Saturday. Isn't that crazy? I didn't even mention there was any in the fridge, but she asked for it specifically when we got home from the clinic. "I'm hungry. I want some leftover lasagna." She must really of have liked it! Of course, she is my noodle girl. She has nicknamed herself (I think she did it herself) "Noodle." Too cute, huh? She loves noodle. Today she told Ms. Ashley that her favorite food is chicken noodle soup. I would have to agree. Of course, spaghetti is a close second, but it doesn't agree well with chemo side effects (mouth sores and sour belly).
I'm not really sure what we are going to do with our extra days of freedom. Maybe we will go visit my dad. His place is pretty clean and definitely not full of sick people. It is also pretty peaceful with nice outdoor scenery. We may also try to plan an outdoor play date with one of her friends if the weather looks like it will be nice. Maybe we will also go to the carousel since she didn't get to do that last week. I'll just take plenty of wipes to clean the animals she wants to ride. We can never get out of there with just one ride. :)

Here is a video of Summer and her cousins playing on the playground last week.


Bridgett said...

Summer looked so beautiful on Easter...even when she was crying! LOL

And I adore her new baseball cap. How stinkin' cute is that?

I'm sending 'increasing count' thoughts to you and Summer right now! In the meantime, enjoy your freebie days to the max!

Susie said...

Love the picture of the one with the hat. Looks like she had a good time yesterday.

Stephycce said...

Oh looks like she had so much fun!!
Hope her counts get higher.


Stephanie said...

She looks so beautiful! It looks like you all had a really nice Easter.

I love her hat!

Hoping her counts get higher. I'll have a talk with God about that tonight.

james oh said...

Her hat looks great. I pray that Lord will continue to bless you all,

Tiffany said...

Nice pics! Love the one of her cuddling w/ her daddy. :)

the mol said...

Those pictures are so cute! I'm glad she's having so much fun.

We should buy stock in some company that sells antibacterial wipes.

Definitely enjoy your "freedom" until the next hospital stay. Be careful, of course.

We have a Purell dispenser at the entrance to our house.