Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Six for Six

We are back in the hospital with a fever. No surprise there, but of course a little disappointment still accompanies this visit. I was hoping that Summer would not get a fever EVERY single cycle, but the odds are not in our favor for that to happen.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Summer weighed 31.4 lbs. That is a pretty good number for her. Hopefully that is one thing she will hold onto this cycle. She has been eating pretty good still, although just a few bites at a time. Today she ate 1/2 a banana, a few bites of a rice krispy treat, two finger swipes of chocolate icing, a few m&ms, 2/3 of a hot dog, 2 1/2 cheese sticks, 1/2 a peach, chicken noodle soup broth, a few sips of hot chocolate, 2/3 a carton of OJ, and peanut butter. Not really a whole lot, but a wide variety of things. I am glad she still has an appetite even though she hasn't taken her Zophran in a few days. The last time we got it filled (at a different pharmacy) she did not like the taste it had (maybe fruity) so it is not easy to get her to take. She always tells me "it will make me throw up every single one." I've learned that doesn't really mean she will throw up, but that she does not want to take it because she doesn't like the way it tastes. Granted, it might make her throw up on occasion, if she so wills it to. The mind is a very powerful thing over the way you feel. If you believe something will happen enough, it just might. Her other oral meds also often get the same response from her. Did I mention it is accompanied by an adorable whine??? LOL

She is already in bed and is ready for me to join her. Problem is, I'm not sleepy. We had a nap this afternoon together after we got our room (around 2:00). It is a small room, but at this point any room is not so great if it means we are here. The big rooms are definitely a plus, especially when she is on chemo, but either way we are not at home. That wonderful place where I don't have to put on my shoes every time I leave the room to fetch something for her (or myself).

We didn't really bring any toys which she has already asked for. We were in the "cool car" so there wasn't much room for more than our suitcase, the backpack, computer bag and stroller in the trunk. We are also missing our food basket which she seems to be missing more than me. Funny thing is she rarely eats anything out of it. I guess it is just the comfort of it being here and possibly holding something that sounds good to her. Why do we always want the things we can't / don't have the most? Oh well, I am just thankful for all that I do have. Despite everything we have gone through, I still feel that I have an extremely blessed life.


Stephanie said...

Phooey! Sorry you ended back up there this week. Hope everyone rests well and you're back home in no time!

Anonymous said...

You have such an amazing spirit. Summer is very blessed to have you as a mommy! I can't imagine how hard this is for you and your family. I hope she gets out soon!

Demaris & Nik

Bridgett said...

Awww, man. I'm bummed to hear that you're back in the hospital.


Here's to getting home sooner rather than later! :D


Stephycce said...

Aww sorry your up again. :(
Good Luck