Saturday, August 15, 2009

Enjoying life & the great outdoors

We have been enjoying life outside of the hospital, trying to take it easy and not get a fever. :) The past few days we have been lots of outdoor places: tricycle rides around the block, bike rides, Coolidge Park carousel, playground, local zoo carousel, Nightfall. We stopped for ice cream yesterday after the playground. Summer got strawberry with sprinkles, but only ate a little. The rest is in the freezer where it will probably remain until I cave and eat it. Wish she liked cake batter ice cream. :) She woke up this morning a little after 7 wanting to go get ice cream again. Today she wants blue ice cream. I think it is cotton candy flavored which is not my favorite, but I guess it isn't for me. It's for my little princess.

She has been dressing herself this past few weeks. She likes to pick out her clothes and shoes. I usually let her, even if it is a little mismatched. She still looks adorable sporting her own style.

Today during lunch she told me "Mom, you're the best cooker in the whole wide world!" I live for those moments. She enjoyed the spaghetti, especially the fact that I did not cut up the noodles. She likes them long. For breakfast she had some grilled chicken with BBQ sauce. She has also had a few baked potatoes with sour cream since we have been home from the hospital. She thought she wanted Garlic Chicken pasta a few times, but the flavor is not in her palette right now. Hot dogs are still a go at times. She hasn't been eating much, but she is trying and has not been throwing up so that is always a plus. She has been drinking pretty good so I am not worried about her intake at this point in time.

She just came and invited her Daddy to a tea party. He said "ok", but I have a feeling he wasn't really thinking when he said that. LOL

Summer's favorite movie right now is Care Bears II. It is cute and I can remember watching it with my sister when I was a kid / teenager (all those years are kind of running together at this point). She has watched a few episodes of the Big Comfy Couch on YouTube this week which was a nice treat for her. She has really missed it since they took it off PBS.

She has been listening to her Ipod quite a bit lately too. I put some new music on it while we were in the hospital. Her favorite song is "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus with "Rockin' Robin" being her 2nd favorite. She looks so cute with the Ipod in hand, headphones on, jamming to her favorite songs. I can't wait until she learns all the words to "The Climb." I can see us singing it together at karaoke some day.

She is growing up on me. These past few months she has really aged, more than I would've wished. But, she is growing up into a wonderful person - loving, polite, and kind. I am trying to instill give/take values into her too. You can't always get your way, sometimes you have to let others have a turn. I know she still thinks it is better to receive than give at this point, but hopefully that won't always be true.

I'll finish up with a cute thing she said the other day when we saw a train. I said, "I wonder what is in the cars." She replies, "Maybe toys."


Kristi J said...

I've been out of town for the last week, so just getting caught up. I'm so sad to hear Summer wasn't feeling well at all earlier this week. Sounds like a really rough time for all. It's good to hear she is sounding in better spirits now and eating a little better. She's just too her little sayings. :)

Susie said...

Glad to see that she is getting to enjoy herself outdoors. Love her sayings, so cute.

Bridgett said...

Hmmm...maybe I should get Autumn an iPod. :)

Of course, Miley Cyrus wouldn't be allowed because I can't stand her. LOL

Autumn actually really likes Jason Mraz. That seems to be her favorite.

She seems to be doing really well, overall! Yay for Summer!


Stephycce said...

Aww sounds like she's doing good.
She's growing up fast...And your doing an awesome job!
Maddy LOVES Taylor Swift LOL.
Kids are great.