Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feelin' Fine

Summer is at the hospital playing with Memaw right now. My mom has been SOOOO AWESOME over this past year. Well, really the past 31, but who's counting? She makes sure I get a good break everyday at the hospital. My aunt Leisa, her sister, and my dad have also been coming to help out. Summer loves them all and I never worry about leaving her with them because I know she will be spoiled to the max while I am away.

Her ANC was 280 today; white count was 1.0. Her platelets were 24,000 so she got a bag of those today. That is her third platelet transfusion this week (one blood). She may be going home tomorrow if the ANC goes up to 500 and she is able to take the oral antibiotics. They are going to try a capsule instead of liquid antibiotics. I can just empty it into some yogurt and hopefully she will eat it like a good girl. No pouting or whining I hope, but that is wishful thinking for sure. She will have to take it 3 times a day to finish out the 10 day treatment for the staph infection.

Her mouth sores seem to be all gone and she is eating pretty good. Yesterday, she ate 1/2 of a soft taco supreme minus the lettuce. She also has eaten lots of sliced turkey over the past few days. My aunt Sandra brought her some cupcakes today and she ate on one until it broke. Then she was done with it. She's had a PB&J everyday for the past three days (at least half of one anyway). I am so happy to see her eating good and feeling good. She looks good too. She has a little over a week left to "feel good" before the next cycle starts. We will still be staying close to home and away from people. Gotta keep her as healthy as we can. We may have some special outdoor activities though. I see a trip to the lake in our future. I just hope God sees it too.


Susie said...

Glad to hear that your support is still going strong. Us Memaw's loves our children and grandchildren. Glad to see she is eating and feeling better.

Bridgett said...

Sounds pretty good, overall!
So glad she's eating well and feeling better. :)

Hope you guys are having as good of a weekend as you can!


Stephanie said...

You are blessed to have an amazing family! That's very important and I'm glad you have people there to love and support you!

Hope she is able to go home soon and have a few good days before the next cycle starts!

the mol said...

David takes a vitamin D caplet twice a week. We melt it in decaf coffee with soy or almond milk. But then, he has strange tastes.

He also takes some crushed pills in yogurt. Others get mixed in grape juice.

Doris said...

I am so happy to hear she is doing better.
Having a great family is so wonderful. You know your child is always well taken care of.
You my friend, are a wonderful mother.
We will keep you guys in our prayers.


Stephycce said...

Support is the best thing to have. That's great!