Monday, August 31, 2009

No doctors today

Summer and I are both grateful not to have to see any doctors or nurses today. She asked me this morning if we were going to have to go to the hospital or clinic. I was happy to tell her no, but we did have to go to the medical mall for a photo shoot. We were in the parking garage (went in a different entrance than for the children's hospital) and she said that it looked kind of like the garage for the hospital. She's no dummy. I'm not exactly sure what they are using the pics for, but it is something for a hospital fundraiser I think. I can't wait to get them myself. Clint and I had to sit in on the first few pics because Summer was in tears not wanting to do it without me. Yep, we are slightly attached at the hip. It has its good and bad moments, but they are all precious to me. We had a hard time getting her to smile bigger than a grin, but I finally thought of the magic word - "package." Her face lit up instantly when I told her I had a package waiting for her. It was a complete bluff, but we were nicely surprised to get home and find a package (most awesome I might add) from Angel Cate sitting at our door step. And, we NEVER get mail on our door step from an angel. It was a miracle for sure! It took a little guessing as to how many packages we would actually have to get enough smiles for the photographer to capture a really good smile, but he did. I don't think she could ever be a professional model, not unless she was the actual one who wanted the pics taken. That doesn't happen much. I can't say I blame her as she has been photographed thousands of times over the past 3 years.

After the pics, we came home and got the bicycles. Then we all rode over to the carousel. We only rode twice today and Summer was happy with that. She rode the brown kitty cat both times. I got to ride a bunny rabbit and a horse (or donkey?). Then Summer and I headed over to the fountains to see how the water felt. Well, it was wet (obviously) and that was not what Summer wanted her clothes to be. :p She did climb on the animals a little though and walk around the fountain. She wandered over to the grass and wanted slide down the small hill, but her new scrubs weren't slippery enough and we didn't have a box.

Yes, I did say new scrubs. When we were at the medical mall today, we went in the scrub shop while Daddy got me a frappuccino. We checked out the kiddie scrubs. One of the ladies working came over and asked what size she was. I told her and she asked Summer which ones she liked. I was thinking to myself, "We aren't really going to buy any. How am I going to get out of here?" I said something about having to ask daddy and the lady said that she was just going to put them in a bag and give them to us. Wow! What a surprise! I must admit I got a little teary eyed and almost cried. Not sure why, but I guess I never expected they would just give them to her. Anyways, Summer has some new Blues Clues scrubs to wear when we go back to the hospital for chemo. She's actually wearing the bottoms now with one of the new shirts her angel sent her.

She has gotten so many neat things from her chemo angels. Lots of jewelry and stickers. She now has a jewelry box full of bracelets and necklaces. I went through it found a few for her to pick from for her picture today. A girl's gotta have options, ya know! She's gotten stuffed animals and My Little Ponies. Art and craft projects. Bubbles, light-up toys, nail polish, tiaras, musical instruments, books......They have done an awesome job spoiling her and lighting up many, many days for her. Today she even got a little fish tank with fish that swim around when you cut it on. When Summer cuts it off, she says they are taking a nap. LOL "Did I have a packadage?" (spelled the way she says it) she will say when I return to the hospital from a break. The anticipation that she might gives her something to look forward amid days that are usually filled with trips to the clinic or hospital. I hope Angel Sarah and Angel Cate realize just how much joy they bring to her. Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to reach out to my little girl!!!! If you are interested in being an angel to someone with cancer, you can click on the link above and go check out their website to sign up.

I feel like we have been so blessed despite it all. As I write about our day, I see how many things do go right in our lives. That little cancer cloud is hovering off in the distance making sure we don't take them all for granted, but appreciate them so much more. I am looking forward to the day when I am not writing about counts or hospital stays, but in the mean time I will preserve all the little things that would've otherwise been forgotten.

P.S. Stay tuned pics tomorrow!


Susie said...

Sounds like a great day. Can't wait for the pictures.

Kimberly said...

Glad she had a great day, no one deserves it more!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

This made ME smile, too. Such sweet things for a little girl to get excited over, you know? Glad she had such a good day and that you guys got to get out and have fun!

Bridgett said... scrubs! What a nice lady she must've been.

I bet Summer was thrilled. :)

I'm so glad she's got so many things to brighten up what could be very dark days with the treatments and frequent hospital stays.

Yay for you all!


Stephycce said...

That is so wonderful!
Glad Summer's doing good.