Monday, August 10, 2009

She got a bolus

This morning there were trace amounts of blood in two of her urine samples, so they gave her a bolus to flush her out before starting chemo today. These drugs can cause your bladder to become toxic which in turn damages the bladder. More than likely this is a minor thing and not something to be overly worried about. They are going to give her Benadryl after the Iphos. but before the Etop. today (that's chemo slang....LOL) The Iphos. is the one that can cause seizures, but the side effects do not generally start until after it is all infused and the next drug is started. I am SOOOO happy they are pre-medicating her today. It is no fun to sit and watch her body convulse for an hour. I hope her thumb is not in her mouth yet. It really needed a few hours to air out. It is looking kind of funky which is really par for the course. Summer told me this morning that we need to soak it in water. Of course, we'll have to put some Epsom salt in there too so it can do its magic. I doubt we will ever get around to that though. It depends on how it looks when we get home tomorrow. Her cooperativeness plays a part too, but if it is really hurting she will usually do what's best for her thumb and let it soak.

She was on the tricycle again this morning with Paw-Paw in tow when I left. I'm glad she felt like riding some before chemo started. It is her exercise, and yes SHE did call it that. :) It is also good exercise for whoever follows, especially when you add in some walking lunges.

She had some Frosted Flakes with milk for breakfast, but not too much of it before she was "full." Then she drank a carton of OJ & Miralax. She still has not pooped since Thursday. I can't believe it, but it must of been all the cheese on the sandwiches???? When we get home we will get it all straightened out though I am sure. On the other hand, she wants me to bring her tomatoes and balsamic vinegar when I go back to the hospital (she gets this from her Daddy). We'll see if she eats any though.

Last night (in the evening) she was conscious and fidgety and seemed to be uncomfortable. I called the nurse and asked if she could have some Benadryl. Then I asked Summer if she wanted to go to sleep or stay awake. I told her they could give her medicine to help her sleep and make her feel better, but she grunted that she wanted to stay awake. She doesn't talk very much when she is on these drugs. About all you can get out of her is "I need to pee." Maybe a nod or a head tilt. And, that's what I got. When the nurse came, I told her I asked Summer and she didn't want to sleep. Since she didn't seem too uncomfortable or fidgety, I let her just lay there beside me drifting in and out of sleep. And, of course, giving that thumb a good sucking. She had a pretty peaceful night and slept really hard wetting her panties a few times. I noticed that she is not peeing as much at one time as she usually does on this cycle: 150-200 ml vs. 300-400 ml. Don't if that has anything to do with the blood in the pee, but just wanted to make a note of it while it is still in my head.

As always, please keep praying and sending positive vibes our way!


Bridgett said...

I hope she's doing okay. It must be so hard on you to watch her go through these cycles every time. :(

I just can't imagine.

But she's so close to being finished. That's so wonderful!

Keeping you guys in my thoughts, as always.


Stephanie said...

Geez I know you're ready for this to be over. I hope she is able to rest today and doesn't have any bad side effects!

Kimberly said...

Praying :)

Susie said...

Praying for you guys.

Stephycce said...

Oh I hope she's doing MUCH better!
YAY for riding the bike though that's a plus!