Sunday, August 9, 2009

She's twitchy

Today has not been the smoothest day for Summer. She started twitching and jerking during the administration of the last chemo drug. They didn't want to really treat her twitching while the drug (Etopside) was being infused so they would know how bad of a reaction she was really having. After it finished, they did give her some Benadryl to take the edge off. It helped her to be able to fall asleep and stop twitching so I was happy after that. Kind of nervous before because there was nothing I could do but sit, watch and try to reassure her she was okay all the while feeling completely helpless (and scared) on the inside. I just kept waiting for it to go to a full blown seizure, but it didn't. PTL! One more day of this drug and we are done with it until cycle 8.

Last night she wanted some California rolls after opening a piece of mail from one of her angels. Her angel mentioned that she was going to California and that set Summer off on the "I want some California rolls right now" spill. I didn't expect her to eat them if we got them, but I tried to get some from the cafeteria. Guess what??? They only serve those on weekdays. So, I called Daddy to see if he could help us out and bring some seeing that we only live a couple of blocks from a sushi place. We finally got him to come and she gobbled them up, all but one that is. I was amazed. She really didn't want the avocado or crab meat out of them, but she enjoyed the rest. I guess those two things didn't match her palate last night. She also had some apple juice which was great because I was able to get her Miralax in her via that.

Today she hasn't really had much to eat. A few bites of yogurt and some OJ is about it I think. Oh yeah, and the last California roll. :) That was all this morning pre-chemo.

She is lying here next to me now sucking her thumb into a very bad condition. I'll just say the skin is coming off on some parts. Ever faithful Teddy is in her arms giving her the comfort that only a stuffed bear can. She looks beautiful. I just can't wait until she beats this ugly disease.

Please pray for her and all the other children out there fighting for their lives. I also encourage you to go to your local blood bank and give blood or platelets if you can. Summer needs them both regularly and she is not the only one out there. Remember, it is better to give than receive.


Kimberly said...

And she will beat it! I hate that twitchy feeling, I hope she doesn't have any more of that! I'll keep praying.

Stephycce said...

She's almost beaten it!
I am glad she is still eating that's great! Hope the twitching stops. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Praying for peace for Summer and you!
She IS going to beat it, I just know it!


Stephanie said...

Praying for some rest tonight...peaceful rest!

Tricia said...

Haven't commented in a long while, but i do read. I always think about you all. Praying God will guide finally guide you all out of this storm, and have summer fully healed.
Big hugs!!