Monday, June 1, 2009

X-ray says: There is no poop!

I am not sure how it happened, but Friday she was full it and today she is not. Maybe God made the poop magically disappear. Too bad he didn't do the same for the belly pain. The doctor says that maybe she is just saying her belly hurts for attention. I don't know about that, but it could be that she is saying it out of habit. I do know that she won't eat and she says it is because her belly hurts. I told the doctor this has been going on for weeks, maybe even months. So, maybe he will do some further investigation. I'm not going to hold my breath though.

We got some other good news. We may be going home tomorrow. Her white blood counts are starting to rise. Even though she was running a fever early this morning, 100.7, we may still get to go if it stays low and does not shoot up again. Her hemoglobin was 7.3 today so she is getting blood soon. I hope we do not have to stay in the room for that because Ms. Ashley is trying to get all the two & three year old patients together so we can meet each other. There is another new two year old patient this week. I have already met the one from last week, but Summer has not.

She is doing a little better today. Still refusing food, but I think the news of going home has lifted both of our spirits, even though she usually says she doesn't want to go home when they say we can. I'm sure she'll be saying that tomorrow when it comes time to deaccess her port. LOL

We got a new camera over the weekend and Summer has been snapping pics like crazy. She has taken almost 200 pics of random things in the room. I am sure I will delete 90% of them, but I'm sure she won't care as long as she gets to keep using the camera. It is just the right size for her which is not why we bought it, but it was nice it turned out that way. Hopefully, it will last us a while and serve the whole family well. I really love that it is so small and portable. No more lugging the big camera to the park! I'm hoping we will get to go there sometime this week.

She doesn't like the flash so I had her close her eyes this morning for this shot.
Daddy takes a little nap, but Summer wakes him by tickling his feet. :)
One of the rare occasions she has eaten during our stay at the hospital.Paw-Paw smiles big for the camera, sporting his new mustache.Daddy says "peace" before he leaves
So far I am not impressed with the quality of the pics, but the lighting in the room is pretty bad and most times the lights are off. I hope they turn out better when we get out of here. We really didn't test the cameras at the store, we just bought the one the guy recommended which was about the same price as the others (Nikon CoolPix S220). You live and learn.....well, hopefully you learn. Maybe you just keep living in ignorance. :p


Stephanie said...

I really hope you all get to go home!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that she is not backed up anymore :D I think that as moms we know our children better than the doctors do and if she says her belly is hurting, it probably is(Really, come on, saying her tummy hurts to get attention!?!). You know I have been going through the stomach hurting thing with Leah for at least a couple of years and I think we have figured out(on our own)that she is probably lactose intolerant. When they finally address the complaint they put her on medicine but has come off of those now and she knows that if she has to much dairy her stomach will hurt. I hope that you can figure out what it is that is causing Summer's tummy pain:( I am praying that you WILL get to go home tomorrow, fever go away!!! I need a new camera too, I'm not pleased with the picture quality of mine most of the time either. Let me know if you need me to do anything for Summer or yourself. Love you sis!

Bridgett said...

This is what annoys me about doctors. If all their fancy tests don't show anything, they just forget about the problem as if it doesn't exist or write it off as children 'being children.'


I'm sure Summer's tummy is really, truly hurting. She doesn't seem like a child prone attention seeking.

Not to mention she's been on so many antibiotics and chemo, her stomach flora is probably wiped out.

I can't remember if I answered you about aloe juice question or not, but we prefer George's. It's completely clear and tasteless so you could easily mix it in her drinks (except milk) without her knowing. It separates milk proteins for some reason and makes it look funky.

You can also try Lily of the Dessert, but it does have a bit of a taste.