Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going home...and to Chuck E Cheese!

This morning the resident gave us great news. Summer's ANC was 2,400 so that means no more shots and her immunity is up! WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! They didn't know that she is supposed to be getting her last Vincristine dose for this cycle today, but I pulled out my road map and showed them. They were also going to give her a shot, but I remembered that she doesn't have to have them once her ANC is over 2,000. Good thing I pay attention to the paperwork they gave me in the beginning otherwise we would be waiting all day for the chemo that the Drs. didn't realize it was time for. I think we will be in again next week for Cycle 4 of chemo. As long as we are out by next Saturday, I will be happy. That is the day of the best fireworks of the year in our town and we have front row seats (our balcony overlooks the river where they shoot them). I am really looking forward to them because they are awesome!!!

Last night she asked me if we could go to Chuck E Cheese when she feels better. Lucky girl gets her wish today. Not sure exactly when we will be getting out, but hopefully not too much later than noon. Then we will go home to rest a bit and get her a bath. After Daddy gets back from his appointment, we will probably head to Chuck E Cheese. She thinks Chuck E is a bear, but I have told her it a mouse. :) She asked me why he doesn't talk even though he is on stage. LOL It is funny the things she realizes. She is very perceptive.

Summer wanted some chicken noodle soup and Sprite for breakfast. Actually, she just wanted to drink the broth out of the soup, but whatever works for her is fine with me. Her mouth is really hurting I think. She has swished twice today already, and I am going to get her to do it one more time before we leave. Well, she is ready to head back to the room. I am so excited about going home, but she is already talking about how she doesn't like to get her port deaccessed......and she needs to pee! Gotta go!


LRO said...

That is wonderful news!!! I have to admit, I love going to Chuck E Cheese too, their pizza is awesome! I hope you all have a great time!


Stephanie said...

Wonderful news! Have a wonderful time at Chuck E Cheese :)

Bridgett said...

Yay! Excellent news.
I hope you guys enjoyed your time at Chuck E. Cheese. :)


Kristi J said...

I hope Summer's adventure at Chuck E Cheese was lots of fun! That place is always a zoo, but the kids love it!

I have been checking up on Summer daily, but haven't posted in awhile. Still have her and you in my constant prayers.

Such great news she had great numbers today!

the mol said...

Just be careful at Chuck E Cheese. Germs germs germs!

So glad you are escaping! We are in until Monday. Hopefully not longer.

Stephycce said...

That's awesome news!!