Thursday, June 11, 2009

In a deep sleep

They are keeping Summer pretty sedated for this chemo treatment. She was up for about 4 hours this morning, but has been sleeping pretty much the rest of the day. It is better this way. She is not awake and vomiting. She is resting peacefully it seems. I haven't noticed much seizing or anything this time. A little twitching in the hands, but some people do twitch a little in their sleep. I am so thankful they have been able to keep things under control and keep her moderately comfortable (at least she isn't awake to complain). :)

This morning the first thing she wanted to do was watch videos on Yesterday we watched some and I guess she really enjoyed it because as soon as the she was up, she was asking do it it again. Her favorite video is a Johnny Appleseed video which she played over and over and over. I know the song by heart now. LOL She is pretty good at choosing videos and playing them all by herself on my laptop. I just have to make sure she doesn't get an inappropriate one. She found a few Mickey Mouse videos on there that she liked too.

She ate a decent breakfast: frosted mini-wheats, ravioli, & an ice cream sandwich. I doubt she eat anything else today. She'll probably be asleep for most of the rest of it anyway. Especially if she wakes up and starts throwing up. Then they will give her a dose of Ativan and she will be back in a dream world. I should probably sleep too, but I am too excited about my night off. My mom is planning on staying tonight which is a first. Of course Summer is excited about the sleepover, but I bet I am going to be up here bright and early tomorrow. As much as I love a break, I hate to leave my baby when she is sick. At least she will be in good hands.


the mol said...

Grandma always comes for chemo--it's the biggest break that I get. She LOVES it and so does David.

We need to post more stuff on YouTube but we've been in the hospital so much! Our big walk is this weekend so hopefully we'll have some stuff then.

JC said...

I have a few videos of Summer on youtube. We watched them and it is amazing to see the baby in her is all gone now. Sad too. But, she is such a joy still.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I can't imagine... Lots of love to you, hon. Hope tonight is a restful one for her and that tomorrow brings her more energy.

Stephanie said...

Hope she is able to rest some more today so she's not awake and miserable. Have a good night deserve it!

Bridgett said...

That's so cute that Summer is already a Tubie. LOL

And yay for a night off! Hope you enjoyed it.