Monday, June 22, 2009

No results yet

We will not get the results from the scan until tomorrow afternoon. We are supposed to call sometime to get them. So when is it actually afternoon anyways? 12:01? :p

Looks like we are not gonna make the beach either. She goes back on Thursday for counts. The doctor said we could delay chemo a few days, but we will just wait until a better window opens up. We do have several other things we can do here this weekend so no big deal. (still trying to convince myself of that one :) )

Other than that, we are down to 3 & 7 eyelashes. She is still eating pretty good. Just trying to find something to do that is not too hot and not too germy. She still has no white counts. We are still giving the shots until they go up. I wish I could say that was getting easier, but it is not. Meds are taken pretty well though....with only a few "nows" in the mix. Lucky Summer only has to take them once a day.

I am hoping to take Summer to a friends to see her kittens sometime this week. There is also a farm which has been offered up for us to visit so we may do that too. There is also the park. I wonder if it is okay to take her into public water playground type places with her counts being so low. They probably use a lot of bleach in those things so maybe the germs are all dead. Man, I would've never imagined myself having to think about this type of thing on a constant basis. But, I have to. Better to be safe than sorry and end up back in the hospital!

Will try to post results as soon as I get them tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

I'm praying her counts are good!

Sounds like you guys can still have a fun and eventful weekend even if you don't make it to the beach. I'm sure you'll fit it in soon and you guys will have a blast!

the mol said...

I'm hoping that you get to have your fun! I'm also still hoping for good scan results.

Bridgett said...

Sending positive energies that the counts are good and the scan shows only happy news.

I'm sorry you weren't able to make it to the beach..but there will be time. Hang in there.