Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Results and a Fever

The CT scan came back negative - NO SIGN OF DISEASE! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

So, we keep on keeping on with her scheduled treatments. Only 4 cycles to go....

Summer was running a fever this morning when she came to my bed. I didn't take it right away because it was 5:00 a.m. and I wanted some more sleep. I got up around 7:00 and took it. It was only 98.6 F under her arm. That didn't seem right so I retook it in her mouth - 100.7. Then I changed thermometers and it was 101.1 orally and 99.1 under her arm. I went ahead and made the call since I knew she had a fever. We got the wrong people on the phone and they tried to tell me to take her to the ER. I told her there was no way I was taking my kid with no immunity to the emergency room which is full of germs. She called me back realizing she had gotten our call in error and was paging the doctor (I guess oncology kids should be directed to a different answering service than "normal" kids). We came into the clinic rather than the hospital which is where we still are. They may not admit her. Right now they are just observing to see if her fever comes up since her Tylenol is wearing off. She might get an IV antibiotic here and then go home and come back for another tomorrow. That is fine with me because the last place I wanna go is the hospital. We have only been out about 48 hours now so I'm not missing it yet. LOL We will also be returning there next week for more chemo. So, HOME sounds like the perfect place to me right now. Just waiting to see if that is where we are actually headed.....

Summer wore her Barney costume today. She wanted to wear her Barney slippers and I made the mistake of telling her she would have to wear her costume too if she wanted to wear them. Of course what 3 year old is going to say no to that? Definitely not mine. :) Barney and I are watching Super Why now in the "sick" waiting room where we are avoiding the germs. It felt weird coming in this room since we have never been here before and it is kind of scary to be in the sick waiting room when she has no immunity. But, I was told it is clean in here. ;p I still wish I had my Lysol with me, but it is in the car in our suitcase.

Today we are 2 & 6....eyelashes that is. I really can't believe they are still hanging on. She also still has hair around her hairline....fine blonde hairs. For the most part, her head is smooth as a baby's butt....one without diaper rash. :) Clint and I both love to rub it. Sometimes he teases Summer that he wants a lollipop....her head that is. I haven't seen him lick it in a while though.

Summer and I had a good time singing a little bit ago. I started off singing her "You Are So Beautiful" and then "You Are My Sunshine." Then she wanted to sing "Because He Lives." We sang it over and over and over. I'm not sure why, but she really likes that song and so do I. She is into music like me, but I just hope she gets a better singing voice than I have. If not, she will just have to stick to singing in the car like I do. She loves to dance to music too....just like me. The other day she kept telling me to cut the radio up and she was dancing in her carseat. It was unusual because we were listening to "my" music. Usually she wants "her" music on when we are in the car. But, she was happy with the beat of the music on the radio so we stuck with that. I hope she gets my dancing ability as opposed to her Daddys. He's about as smooth as sandpaper....at least when it comes to moving those hips to a beat. He did dance with Summer a little yesterday, but it made him dizzy. At least he tried. I know they both enjoyed it, as did I enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces!!


The nurse just came and took her temp. - 101 F. So, we are being admitted....


Susie said...

Glad to see that the results came back negative. Keep hanging in there. I like the song Because He Lives too. It is so soothing and so true. Just know you can face tommorow with him by your side. Praying for you all.

the mol said...

I'm SO happy for NED (no evidence of disease). That means that it's working and that you're halfway done!

Stinks about the fever though.

I'm wondering--when DO kids really start singing?

the mol said...

also, when we go in for fever or something like that, we call the oncology folks, who call the ER, and we go directly to the isolation room in the back, without waiting. I'm sure that plenty of people get mad watching us get fast-tracked in there...but I bet they wouldn't trade if they knew.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

The first news is FABULOUS! Yes!

Hope her fever goes down soon, though.

Stephanie said...

Sucks!!!! Sorry you are being admitted but extremely happy about the cat scan!!!!!!! That's the best news you've heard in a long time :)

Hope you can get some rest tonight and this won't be a long visit!

Kristi J said...

Oh YAY, great news about the CT scan results! What a relief! Woohoo!! But, I'm sorry she's getting admitted for the fever. Here's hoping that goes away very quickly!

I'm praying!

Bridgett said...

No disease!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo!
Your child is cancer free. :)

I'm sorry to hear she has to be admitted again though. But, in the long-term, it's probably for the best.

Keep us updated, love.


Stephycce said...

YAY glad the tests came back negative!! All uphill from now right? One can hope! So do we have pics of Miss Barney? LOL!