Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sick and tired

That's how Summer and I both feel, but in different ways. Today and yesterday, she has mostly been just laying around with a few spurts of playing mixed in. It is so hard to see her like this. She looks sad, sickly. And, yet I love her all the more. Such a sweet little girl having to go through such a crappy thing like cancer. So many kids are, but she is mine. And, she is with me everyday and it is hard.

I love to see a smile on her face. Today, two puppies came by just after she had laid down for a nap. I told the lady to bring them in and woke her up. One of the dogs was actually small enough to get in bed with her and it did. It licked her and she petted it. And, SHE SMILED. I was so glad I woke her up to see them because she needs smiles these days.

Then a little later her cousins showed up. More smiles. Such priceless moments.

Then she got tired and wanted to just be cuddled. More precious moments.

I am so lucky to have my little girl even though we are both sick and tired of all this mess! We will get through this and have lots of happy days again. For now we are just leaning on each other, family, friends, and mostly Him.

P.S. May have a fever now. The first since last night. So, no sign of going home tomorrow.


the mol said...

No fun! Did they do blood cultures yet? I certainly hope that nothing shows up on those. Ew.

I hope she feels better soon. We're in for chemo until Friday.

Stephycce said...

Aww :)
Hang in there.
She is very sweet!!
Keeping you in my thoughts.


Stephanie said...

Hope nothing comes of the fever tonight! So glad she got some smiles today with the puppy....such a sweet and precious little girl you have! Keeping you in my prayers!

The Stallings' Clan said...

What a fun way to wake up. Wet kisses. I hope she feels better soon and ya'll can break out soon. Praying as always.

Bridgett said...

You have every right to feel that way. Both of you. It's been a long few months.

But you're doing so well. Hang in there. You're on the downward slope now. :)


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Shoot. Hope she cools down tonight. Hang in there, hon.

Glad the puppies and cousins came by to give her some smiles. Hoping for a restful, healthy night...