Monday, June 15, 2009

Logic Works

Summer is still not feeling good. Last night she emptied her stomach (those words just makes me smile) twice. Once around 1:45 a.m. and again around 2:30. Summer moved to our bed after the first time and luckily made it out of the bed before the second time. We moved to the couch at some point after that where we slept until about 8:00 a.m. Surprisingly, I slept pretty good snuggled up next to her unable to toss. I did move to the love seat once it was daylight so I could give my other side its turn. LOL

She is still laying on the couch. She has drank a glass of green tea (with fiber & probiotics) so far today. Yesterday all she had was two glasses of green tea and a cup or so of ice. I told her she needed to take a Benadryl, but she refused. I explained to her that it would help her to not feel like she was going to throw up (I hope). She still refused saying she didn't like it used to be her favorite. But, when you are nauseous from chemo, your favorites are sometimes your worst enemies. :( Anyways, she finally sat up about an hour after I offered it and said I'll take it. She still hasn't taken her belly or allergy meds. But, I know if I force them, she will probably just throw up which is so NOT what we need right now.

The shots are back on. Today's shot seemed to take forever. Clint administered it while I held Summer who wasn't "ready yet." This is only #2 of this cycle. Last time she had these meds, she was on the shots for 16 days. It is shorter for the odd # cycles. I hope her counts start going up soon. She already looks like they are really low. She is kind of a pale yellow color with dark circles. It sounds worse than it looks, but when she is just laying there, sometimes I just get lost in her face. That is why I also know that she has 3 eyelashes on the right and 8 on the left. They are hanging on for dear life it seems too.

She is half way through her chemo treatments with only 4 cycles remaining. That is assuming it does not come back. I read that her type of cancer (rhabdoid) usually comes back within the first two years if it is going to. I really don't want to start thinking about that, but I can't help it at times. I think she will be having a scan soon, but not sure exactly when that is. I haven't actually heard that she is getting scans from a doctor, but according to her road map she is due a CT after the 4th cycle of chemo. It is crazy that it has been just over three months since we started this whole saga. Now we are just living life day to day, never knowing if she will be sick or well. It's a good thing no one ever told me life was fair....I'd be really mad at them right now.

Please pray that she will get her appetite back. I am scared we will be going inpatient soon if she does not start taking more in her mouth than she loses from it. We go back to clinic tomorrow for counts which I'm pretty sure will be none. They will also see if she needs any blood or platelets. Her counts aren't supposed to bottom out until mid to late week, but I have a feeling they are pretty close to there now.


Susie said...

Praying that Summer gets her appetite soon and start asking for anything to eat. I don't blame her though if she thinks she is going to get sick why eat.

Me said...

I just stumbled across your blog today. I have a daughter about 2 months older than your Summer, so I naturally went back to the beginning to read about her.
Your beautiful family is in our prayers. God Bless!

Bridgett said...

I think Summer is going to be completely clear of the cancer...especially it was just confined to that one kidney.

I do hope the little sunshine is feeling better soon.