Sunday, June 14, 2009


Everyone in the house is asleep but me. We were all dressed and ready to go to church this morning, but when it was time to leave Summer was on the couch asleep. I figured she needs rest because last night I don't think she went to bed until around 1:00 a.m. That was her latest night up ever, at least that I know about. We had so much going on in the house, she just couldn't give all that up and sleep in her bed. She wanted to sleep on her little couch in the living room. So, I agreed, read her two books and tucked her and Teddy in. I went to bed shortly after her only to be awakened by her a few minutes later. Apparently she had to pee and didn't get there for some reason. She actually peed in the floor which is VERY unusual for her. I guess she was so exhausted she didn't want to get up and I don't remember her going to the bathroom before she went to bed anyway. I did get her teeth brushed, but only after telling her she would have to do the mouthwash if we didn't brush them. I guess brushing teeth is better than swishing.

She has vomited about three times this morning. I tried to give her a Benadryl chewable tablet (grape, of course), but it came back up. That is when she drifted off to sleep where she remains now.

We finally got to see Lexie last night. She is actually here sleeping too. We played this morning while Summer and Clint were napping. Summer helped me feed her a bottle briefly, then I turned it over to Pops (????) so we could shower. Summer actually threw up while I was feeding Lexie, but being the big girl she is, she made it to the garbage can. :) After that, she was ready to get her shower over with. First one since Monday.

She was happy to have Ms. Patti to do her port yesterday. She actually wanted her to be the one to put it in when we go next time. :) Usually that happens in the clinic though...unless it is a fever. We will just have to hope she is working that day, should when it comes. I am hoping we make it through next weekend without a trip to the hospital.

It is so sweet to have a baby in the house. I forgot how much they can get into when they first become mobile. So far she has not gone for the fireplace. She did crack one of Summer's Easter eggs (yes, they are still in a basket in my living room) the other day. I heard it was really stinky! Good thing I don't have any enemies. :o I really enjoyed feeding her a jar of baby food this morning, remembering how I used to feed Summer. I can't wait for lunch! LOL She is supposed to go to a birthday party with us today. Summer will hopefully be up for it, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. If she does go, she will have to wear her mask. I don't know how much playing she will do anyway. She had a lot of energy yesterday, but she may have overdone it. Plus, she seems to be nauseous a lot this cycle. :( Can't wait for her counts to go up! Speaking of that, we need to give her a shot. A little behind on this one.....I'll blame it on the late night and everyone but me feeling a little under the weather. Well, may I don't feel so good either....I'm sure the baby will perk me up when she gets up though. What a joy grandchildren are! Just never thought I'd be such a young one.


Queen Mama said...

Aww, poor Summer. Hope she get's feeling better. I have let the kids just sleep to as opposed to going somewhere.

I remember baby days, and I absolutely LOOOOOVE keeping one, even though it won't be mine ;)

Have a good Sunday!

Susie said...

I don't blame you for letting Summer sleep when she needs it, she deserves it. The Lord will understand. It is fun to have grandchildren, but you look to young to have one. Hope Summer gets to feeling better soon.

Stephycce said...

Aww let her get sleep! Somedays I miss having babies around LOL.
Hope Summers feeling better.


Bridgett said...

I would love another child, but unless we start making more money, it's not an option.

Okay need to explain to me how you're a grandma. LOL I'm so confused!

I hope Summer's tummy feels better soon. Vomiting is the worst. Sorry I'm so far behind! We've had visitors all week, so I'm playing catch-up again.