Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chemo Cycle #4

To our good fortune, we are in a "big" room. This is the same room we were in for the last even numbered chemo cyle (which is the same drugs as this cycle). I am having a few flashbacks, but hopefully it won't be the same or as bad. I am scared of this cycle the most though. It messes with her brain and she kind of gets lost in her head and then eventually sleep. Thank God for sleep! I really need some myself right now.

Summer is done with chemo for the day and doing great. She received a drug called Carboplatin over 1 hour around 11:00 this morning. She's been on Zophran every 6 hours since 2 a.m. So far, no visible side effects.

She is eating like a champ. Chili is the food of the day. She passed up her Frosted Flakes, saying her belly hurt. Then I remembered the chili I left in the clinic fridge the day before. When I mentioned it, she wanted it. She even let me leave her to walk over to the clinic. It is crazy because some days she won't even let me walk down the hall to get a cup of ice. Anyway, she wanted the chili so I went and, luckily, it was still there wrapped up in a bag with Summer's name on it. Yay!!! She ate most of it (which I had added a spoonful of fiber to) for breakfast, but then at lunch time finished it off. She wanted more chili. I had brought a can of chili beans from home, so I found a can opener and she ate almost the whole can. I think I am supposed to be bringing her more chili from Krystal, but I'm going to call and make sure before I head back. Tomorrow is chili day at the hospital cafeteria!!!

She also had chocolate ice cream this morning which is a first. Usually she just takes the one bite, and is done with it. Today, since we have a "big" room, I put it in the fridge instead of the garbage. At home, she likes to eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast after she takes her meds in a crushed up bite. She has also been enjoying those heavenly cookies our neighbor gave us too...working on the last one - a pink fish. :)

Her weight, 32. 5 lbs. or 14.8 kg, is an indication of just how much she has been eating since we got out of the hospital. I am so happy because although she might lose a few pounds when she is not eating, she can recoup quickly. The decrease in appetite usually occurs when her counts drop, I think. She hasn't been very nauseous like she was the first cycle. Or, she is just better at controlling it. I am still trying to figure out the pattern, and there probably isn't a "perfect" pattern, as can be evidenced in another little boys journey with kidney cancer. I have been following his mom's blog, and her mine, for a few months now and I am so very fortunate for how much we are NOT in the hospital. Please pray for them. His name is David.

Maybe writing all the details here will allow me to piece it together eventually. That is if I actually had time to sit down and analyze it. Or, wanted to. I have more important things to spend my time on....like my daughter.


Susie said...

Glad to see that she gain some weight. Praying for you all.

Stephanie said...

Glad she's eating...although it's unusual things at unusual times..who cares! At least she's eating and I know that makes you feel better.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope she doesn't get too sick and you guys have a pleasant stay(if that's possible) :)


the mol said...

We were very fortunate for a very long time in terms of predictability in David's cycle. It's just been a crappy two months. Almost two months. One of the things that has remained pretty constant is that he has a heck of an appetite, pretty much all the time. In the hospital, he eats three meals a day at least. Fortunately, we always have a fridge to keep his yogurt!

Thanks for the prayers! We're doing our walk this Saturday. I'll be 37 weeks pregnant, too.

Kristi J said...

Good news that Summer is eating well, at least with the chili! Also glad you have a decent sized room!

I think of Summer daily and have her in my prayers!

Stephycce said...

Oh so glad she's eating!!
Good Luck!


Bridgett said...

Excellent that she's eating so well! And yay for extra fiber! Way to go, mom.

So do the docs think she's constipated or not? I know they've told you both...

Good luck!