Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A trip to the mall

Last night after we returned Lexie to Amanda, we went to the mall. First we ate at Applebees which was nice since we never eat there. Then I went shopping while Clint and Summer headed to the playground. I love how that works! So I wanted to head into Bath and Body, but they were closed. Not sure what was up with that. Then I went to Gymboree to check the sales. I got Summer a cute skirt and a shirt that says "semi-sweet". I also got two pairs of knee socks with little hearts and cupcakes. It was all so cute! I only paid $16 for everything so I felt pretty good. Plus, I gotta get out there and help boost the economy which is obviously in a slump. The toy store was going out of business so I stopped in there to rummage through what they had left. Which wasn't much. But, I did get Summer some activity pads and stuff for the airplane ride to Vegas. I got out of there only spending $9 so I felt pretty good about my purchases. Clint was ready to leave before I even made it out of the first store, but I guess not answering his texts bought me a little time. LOL. We stopped to get me some protein on the way out of the mall and it was the most expensive thing I bought all day. $40 + tax Oh well, it was worth it when I had my hot chocolate this morning. That particular protein is best as hot chocolate. Anyway, I am worth it.

When we got home, we went straight to the couch to watch Tinker Bell. It was a cute movie that I will try to see if she wants to watch again today so I can send it back for another. I just love Netflix!

I guess I better go get some breakfast ready. I have a feeling my two will be up in a few minutes. I can't believe it is 9:15 and they are both still in bed!


Bridgett said...

Sounds like a fun day shopping!


Stephanie said...

Netflix is truly wonderful.

Sounds like a great day!