Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Tantrum and A Nap

Summer threw a little (slight underestimation) tantrum this afternoon. She was on the balcony squirting water while Paw-Paw was out there. Well when he came in, I made her come in too because it was cold outside. She did NOT like that one bit! She started screaming and proceeded to scream while I changed Lexie's diaper and talked to Amanda on the phone. It was not pretty. So, I told her to go get in the bed and that I would come talk to her when she finished screaming. The screaming continued a while longer and finally she realized she had to stop to get me to come talk to her. It wasn't that hard to calm her down and get her to brush her teeth before getting into the bed. I just told her I would lay down with her for a little while and that apparently made everything all better. :) Thank goodness! She has been protesting nap time more and more, but I am standing firm. Naps are important!!!

Amanda called this morning to see if we would watch Lexie since she was at the emergency room with her boyfriend. I gladly agreed and Clint went to pick her up. She has been an angel all day. I wish I could say the same for Summer, but she did have that tantrum after which I explained to her that it was not an acceptable way to get what she wants. Hopefully she will take that to heart. Or is that too much to ask of a two and a half year old? Anyway, Lexie and Summer are both napping now. We will have to return Lexie this evening at some point since Amanda seems to want her back. I can't blame her though. She is such a little cutie. Puffy cheeks and all!!!

In the mean time, I think I will go check the mail and see if "Tinkerbell" has arrived. Summer is really looking forward to watching it. And so am I.

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