Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This game is really popular in our family at times. Clint's sister Deborah LOVES to play dominos when she comes for a visit. We usually have to twist Clint's arm a little and he is always read to quit before us. :) I have some good memories from playing Dominos over my lifetime. I used to play with my mom too, although we played a different version than I do now. Now we play train dominos (or something like that). Well, Summer got some domino cards in a kid's meal somewhere. We have been playing with them for a while, matching up the ends correctly. Today we played a closer to real life version where we each took turns playing a card (domino). Summer is good at matching them. They only go up to 4 and there are only twelve cards total. It makes for a fun and quick game which also challenges her mind a little. Today I had her count the trains at the end of the game. It is amazing that something fun can also be so educational! Last night Amanda was going over some number flash cards with Summer. She loves to play with them too. Although, sometimes she is not in the mood to tell you the right numbers. Last night was one of them. I know she does not know all of her numbers, but she does know some of them and last night she didn't want to say them. Today though, we reset her clock in her bedroom and went over the numbers in the time. 8:46 She called the eight a zero. She did get the six right though. And when I turned it upside down, she said it was a nine. :) Not sure if Amanda had anything to do with teaching her that last night, but I hadn't heard her say that before last night. Then she said it again. It is so much fun watching her grow and learn, although it is a little frustrating when she pretends she doesn't know. I know it is just a little game she likes to play called "Test Mommy's Patience." LOL

Thank God for games!!! I have had some pretty good times playing games over the holidays with family and friends. I hope to play many more this year than I did last year. They add so much fun to life. When I am old and gray I want to look back at my life and be able to say what a great and fun life I have lived.

I have a hungry little girl on my arm, so I better go get her "some of Daddy's cereal with no milk." :)

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SCM said...

Now I feel like a slacker mom because Summer doesn't know what her numbers look like. Lol. She can count to 10 plus more sometimes, I guess we need some flash cards too!

My girls like that Test Mommy's Patience game as well, I hear it's really popular with the little ones!