Friday, January 2, 2009

Our first sleepover of the year

Last night my sister's kids spent the night with us. We had an awesome lunch at my mom's on New Year's Day followed by games at the table. This time we played Yahtzee which I got my mom for Christmas. It was fun. I think my dad won the most games. When we left there, we (me and 5 kids) came back to the house to torture Clint while he worked. LOL I tried to keep the noise at a reasonable level and I don't think we actually bugged him too much. He didn't yell at us anyway. LOL The kids all slept in Summer's playroom. The girls on the futon and Jonathon on the Elmo couch. I didn't harass them too much when they stayed up talking after I put them to bed. I mean, I couldn't expect them all to just close their eyes and fall fast asleep. That would've been asking a lot from 2, 5, 6 & 7 year olds. I went to sleep shortly after I put them in the bed. Summer came in to ask me to read to them, but I was already undressed and under the covers. Leah ended up reading them a few books and then they went to sleep.

This morning the kids got up about 8:15. We ate breakfast and then got ready to go to the Creative Discovery Museum. That was followed by a healthy (at least for me) lunch at Fridays. I started my new diet today. I am not exactly sure what I am allowed to eat yet, but I am just going to wing it until I can make it to see my fitness advisers. I am writing down everything I eat. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with that without it being too much of a pain. I am already dreading thinking about dinner. Not sure what I have that I can eat, but I am sure I can find something healthy to cook. Let's hope I last for more than a week. :) My goal is to get in good enough shape to do a fitness competition in June although I actually doubt I will enter the competition. If I work hard though, I can have a "perfect" body for the summer. We'll see.

I better go check on the kids. I left them watching a movie in the living room. I wonder how many are still watching it.

I hope everyone's new year has started off as great as mine. I just hope I make it too the gym sometime today. I am having withdrawal. :)

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