Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer camper

After camp, Summer was not so sure she likes being away from me everyday. Now I am sure I did the right thing about preschool. I decided to only send her to two weeks of camp instead of three. She is really looking forward to the next one called Art Smart. I'm not sure we need anymore art creations around here though. We have art coming out our ears already. We gather a few more each day it seems. Maybe I'll have to start peddling some of it off although I'm sure they mean more to me and her than anybody else. I have to be careful sometimes not to claim a picture because she might very well have just colored it for herself. There are times when she doesn't want a picture hung up on the fridge because it is hers. I'm not really sure where exactly her pile is, but it seems to be scattered throughout the house. You know, just where ever it lands when she takes it back. Lucky for me, she is into recycling materials so some art work I have disassembled for future reuse.

Summer was a big help yesterday when we were cleaning a house. She helped me wash the windows and front door. She sure seemed like she knew she wasn't supposed to touch them anymore, but a little later there she was putting her face into the door and window. No harm done, just a little more shining for me. She let her imagination soar as we scrubbed and painted. We played hide-n-seek. She was a little disappointed not to have 4 pillows so she could make herself a fort. She did, however, enjoy the two that she did have. She stuck her hand on the freshly painted shelves just once and quickly went to the bathroom to get it off. I'm glad she isn't one of those kids who would've just went back for more. She is rather clean when it comes to getting stuff on her hands, although I could see her playing in the mud.

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