Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breakfast foods are not for her

Summer is the world's worst at eating breakfast foods. She wants lunch or dinner for breakfast everyday. Turkey sandwich, grilled cheese, leftovers, chili, animal crackers, anything but cereal. Occasionally she will eat a pop-tart, but she really only likes the crust part of those. She will eat the inside, but doesn't always finish it. Strawberry with no icing is definitely her preference. She likes to make muffins sometimes, but I think she likes the batter better than the actual muffins. Fruit is also sometimes an option she will choose as long as it is not a banana. She really doesn't eat them much at all anymore. Grapefruits are her favorite. She likes for me to peel them and hand feed her the bites. This morning she is having a turkey sandwich with mustard.

Yesterday, we got up and made cookies for the church ice cream social which we missed due to some late nappers. She loved making the cookies and eating them although she did not like the sugar cookies until they were iced. We actually made sugar cookie lollipops which she decorated with sprinkles. The dark chocolate chunk cookies were definitely her favorite to eat and she finished them off this morning before her sandwich.

We had a great time at the pool yesterday. Lexie and Summer both swam around like little fish. Summer even went under a few times which was a big step for her. Lexie mostly enjoyed floating around in a ring float and getting on the big floats. It sure will be nice when I can understand everything she says. Right now some if it is still gibberish, and I couldn't tell if she wanted in the pool or out of the pool or what. I think she really wanted to climb on the ladder, but it wasn't a safe option. I remember when Summer could only say a few words, now her vocabulary seems unending. Lexie is still refusing to call me Lolli. She will say every other word I ask her but that one. She will say complete strangers names in a heartbeat. So, I may be a Foofer after all, but that is only if she gets past Mama. Maybe if Summer called me Foofer or Lolli she would too? But, I'm not sure I want to go that far.

The girls were full of laughs and giggles last night. The three of us had some snuggle time on the couch watching The Pink Panther. They both enjoyed a few books before bedtime too. They were such a joy to be around and it was a nice relaxing evening at home with them.

Today will be another busy day no doubt. But, hopefully it will be full of hugs, kisses, giggles and smiles. They make every day better!


Susie said...

Ellie is the opposite about eating breakfast foods. She would rather have them instead. Gotta love those snuggling and kisses time.

Summer said...

Kelcee is the opposite too....she would eat pancakes for every meal if I would let her LOL....

Love snuggling and kissing's the best :)

Glad she is having so much fun and feeling so much warms my heart to know that