Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's what's for breakfast. You've got to love a girl who can eat teriyaki chicken, steamed rice and California rolls when she is fresh out of the bed. They go great with Special Agent Oso. Unfortunately, Summer did not get to see the mystery patient before she had to leave for camp. Lucky for her, she has an awesome mom who DVR'd it for her. Shhhh. She doesn't know yet.

Today's drop-off was harder than yesterdays, on her at least. Yesterday, she left Teddy with me just in case I missed her. She walked right into her classroom and asked some kids what they were making. I had to walk over to her to kiss her goodbye, and she was off to her camp adventures. Today, she wasn't real happy about me not being with her while she was there, but when she walked in they were using glue to make something so she snapped into craft mode and I was off. Teddy was carefully tucked under her arm although I'm sure he ended up in her cubbie at some point. I am just happy her thumb wasn't in her mouth because it could've very well been. I don't know when she will stop sucking it. Apparently yesterday when she got there, they were not making anything crafty. They didn't do that until later when they colored cars with markers. Guess who tripped her and made her chip it a little when she got home. Yep, yours truly. It wasn't really much to get upset about though. She has said she is enjoying the camp and is always ready to go back the next day when I ask her. I think I am glad she will only be going two days to preschool though because it is a little much to get her up and take her everyday. The drive to this school is perfect, but preschool will be a little further away. Plus, there is only so much cleaning I want to do on this house. Five days a week is a little much for me. :) But, if she keeps up her current classes in the fall, she will have activities five days a week anyway. She's just growing up way too fast for me!!!

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