Friday, June 18, 2010

She's a goner

It was a little sad today leaving the school knowing that the week of fun is over. Summer said goodbye to her teacher and two assistants before we left. I wonder if she will have the same teacher at her next camp. Hope so because she seemed really nice and good with the kids. I kind of wish Summer was going to preschool here, but it is a 5 day program and I want that extra year at home with her. Maybe we will get to do a lot of traveling this last year of her freedom. Well, maybe that's not the best way to put it, but 5 days a week for the next 13 years sure doesn't seem to allow for much time to travel and enjoy life. Of course, there are summers and school breaks.

Summer was so excited to go to her Memaw's this afternoon. She started squealing with delight when she saw her Memaw waiting for her in the parking lot. They are having a cousins sleepover tonight. And you know what that means? Freedom for me! Let the festivities begin. ;)


Summer said...

Summer camp sounds fun! I love that she calls her me-maw well me-maw LOL I also call my Me-Maw who raised me Me-Maw, Mom and Mi-Mi....

Hope you have a great weekend and hope Summer has fun at her slumber party


Susie said...

Glad to see that she enjoyed her summer camp. Enjoy your along time tonight.